Monday, September 26, 2011

Tag Maker goes Tombstone!

In addition to my SherYourScraps blog, I author another blog called FlytheCoopCrafts.  Today I did a project that crosses over the two blogs... I used Creative Memories tools to create a Halloween Craft.

Check out my Tombstone Paint Chip Bunting Tutorial over at my other blog.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Freebie Alert Cheerleading

Freebie Alert.  Every Friday Creative Memories offers FREE digital PNG files to use with your scrapbooking software.  If you're a PC user, consider Storybook Creator PLUS 3.0 (on sale now for half price - $32) if you're on a MAC  try sbcStudio. (sbc Studio download offers FREE 30 day trial)  These freebies (cheerleading) can be downloaded for use with either software package and any others that use PNG files.  To download these freebies, click here.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hurricane Balls EASY workshop YUM!

Here's an EASY recipe to bring to a workshop.  It requires no baking, or cooking of any kind.  Give them a try, they never disappoint!  Here's a link to the recipe and instructions.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Think Pink Digital Scrapbooking

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  In honor of that, I thought I'd use some of the new Think Pink digital scrapbooking products from Creative Memories to create some digital art and page layout ideas.

All of the designs in the tutorials below were created using Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus 3.0 software.  NOTE:  Version 4.0 of SBC+ is due out from Creative Memories any day now (impatiently waiting).  I've seen the HUGE list of new features included in version 4.0 and WOW!!!  The software is already awesome, I'm really excited to get my hands on the new tools and features in 4.0

The instruction pages in this post are available as a multi-page pdf handout for FREE to anyone who is a public follower of my blog.  If you'd like a copy for your personal use or to share with friends (please do not sell this handout or post it on scrapshare sites) - contact me by email.  Please tell me you are a follower, list the name you're following with and name the handout you'd like to receive.  Click HERE to make the request.

Here is the link to the Think Pink Digital Kit which you can purchase as a download.

There is a GIRL SYMBOL FREEBIE file at the end of this post.

The PUZZLE piece I used in the title above is available as a FREEBIE further down in this post.
I find most of my free downloadble fonts at DAFONT.  Check them out!

The picture below is of the Cheerful Spring Additions pack - this is the kit that I got the tree from.  Here is the link to purchase the cheerful spring kit.

Here is the link to the ROCK STAR DIGITAL KIT where I got the butterfly wings.

Here is a reference to pdf files that show EVERY digital art package that Creative Memories makes.  Click on any link to see clear pictures of the embellishments included in each package.  Keep this link handy for the future.  I use it all the time.

Think Pink ideas for Traditional Scrapbookers coming soon - stay tuned!  Happy Digi Scrapping -

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School Supplies for Your Digital Pages

Happy Back to School.

Today was the first day of school for my high school kids.  It was a good day to be in school.  The rain came down in buckets all day and instead of sweating in a sleevless dress like yesterday, I wore a fleece pullover and fuzzy slippers around the house!

Fortunately - it didn't rain during FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL photo time at 6:50am - and that was about the ONLY 10 minutes it didn't rain.

My kids came home from school with very few requests for supplies.  But, they both needed composition books, and graph paper.  AND...they both needed a calculator.  My sophomore got a hand me down TI-84 but my senior informed me that he needed a TI-89... so THAT was a big purchase!  Besides, he's going into engineering and he'll probably need it in college so I guess buying it now is not a big deal.  If you aren't familiar with calculators, the TI89 is a whopping $130+ buckaroos!

I had a stash of composition notebooks from buying them on sale ($1 each at Staples this summer).  I've always been attracted to composition books - don't know why.  In our day, they only came in black.  These days, the sky is the limit.

So - in honor of high school supplies, I've created some Composition book and Graph Paper pages.

These pages were made using Creative Memories Storybook Creator PLUS 3.0.  Get a downloaded version 50% off thru mid-September HERE.  (software on sale for $33 US)

Here is how the big page looks.

If you'd prefer to make some fancier composition books, here's how:

Here's how the big pages look:

If composition books aren't your style, try some graph paper:

Here's how a graph paper page might look.

Here are some of the Creative Memories packages I used to create these digital pages:

Happy Digi Scrapping!

Monday, September 5, 2011

School Fun - Pencil and Pens on Your Digital Page

I'm having a lot of fun pre-planning some of the pages for the upcoming school year.

One of my favorite digital pages is Creative Memories Digital Embellishments Office Supplies II.  I love the way the embellishments in this package look JUST like the real objects.  I'm such a realist!  I've used the pen and the pencil from the office supply package to create some school inspired themes.

Here is the pencil page (great for upper elementary and middle school - though my high schoolers hate the idea of giving up a good Ticonderoga pencil for an ink pen!) but really, it could work for any type of school, even homeschooling.

My instructions for duplicating this page can be found in this post.  Keep scrolling down.

Here is a page I created using the pen in the Office Supplies II package.  I changed the color of the pen to match our school colors (crimson and gold aka red and yellow).  I've explained all the steps for recreating this page below (keep scrolling).

By the way - all of the pages in this lesson were made using Creative Memories AWESOME Storybook Creator PLUS 3.0 software package - available as a download HERE.  By the way, this software download is only $33 - that's 50% off the retail price (but only for a limited time so don't miss out!)

This next page gives the instructions for creating the pencil and pen pages. 

Enjoy~!  And if you love the ideas in this lesson, or any others, leave a comment - I love reader feedback!  Happy Digi Scrapping, Sher

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blackboard Art for Digital Pages

It's Labor Day weekend.  In my neck of the woods that means school will start on Tuesday.  In honor of the start of school I used the theme of blackboard and chalk to create digital scrapbook pages.

Here are some of my ideas.  All of these designs were made using the Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus 3.0 software.  To get started, the first thing to learn is how to create a piece of background paper that looks like a blackboard with chalk erased patina.

Here are the instructions for making the blackboard.  The blackboard paper will be the basis for all of the designs in these lessons.

Create a custom overlay using titles of school subjects and activities.

Here is a sample page with the overlay.

Make a blackboard page with cute kid letter fonts using Rainer's Kids Font - FREE at dafont.

Make custom embellishments using Dingbat fonts.

 Here's a sample page using custom dingbats as decoration.

Use the blackboard background along with some musical embellishments to create a school choral or instrumental themed page.

Create an elementary themed page.

Change some of your embellishments to coordinate better with a blackboard theme.

Download some chalk themed fonts to coordinate with the blackboard theme.  Most of these fonts can be found on the DAFONT website.  They are free fonts.  When you install them in your Windows system, they will show up in the SBC+ package in your font list.  Use pastel colors to give the impression of chalk.

You may want to purchase some school themed digital packages to go with your blackboard pages.  Consider Primary Elementary School , Primary High School , or Cheerful School Additions.

Here are some other embellishments that you can use.  Just right click on the picture and select "save picture as" and save the png file to your user content.

Happy Digi Scrapping!
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