Friday, February 14, 2014

Jazz Up Your Valentines

You love to use your Photo Design software (I use Storybook Creator - now called Panstoria Artisan) to create album pages, but what about to make custom photo Valentines???

Create a custom page project, add photos and embellish your photos to your HEART'S CONTENT (pun intended).  Did you not prepare for Valentine's Day or do you find yourself snowed in under the most recenet norEastern snowmaggeden?  Well... this is something you can make without even leaving the house.

AND... if you can't get to a photo developer store because it's too much of a snowy mess to leave the house, well, post your Valentines on Facebook... (or instagram or twitter) and make your sweetie the most popular LOVER on the planet!

Here's what I posted today (Valentine's Day and 25th Anniversary) my wishes to my lovely hubby.  Because he's working from home due to the weather, I had to hide my laptop screen from him while I designed but when he hopped on facebook during a conference call, he LOVED the photo surprise waiting for him there.

Hopefully, we will shovel our way out from under the foot and a half of snow that landed on the 2foot piles of snow that were sitting around from the past kazillion snows and we will still be able to trudge into the city of Philadelphia for our planned celebration night out!   Here's hoping.

Now go and spread some LOVE!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Final Fantastic Fox - last one in the Valentine Critter Series

Hey Mr. Fox - you sure are cute.  Thanks for joining the Valentine's Paper Critters...

There you have it - photo tutorials for all these super cute Valentine Critters.  Now go have some fun with your paper and hearts!

If you missed the others, find them here:


Valentines Critter: Some LOVE for the Love Bird

This is the Love Bird.  It was the hardest one for me to build.  Not sure why but I'm really happy with the final result for this one - hope you enjoy it!

There's only one more to go... stay tuned for the FOX!

Did you miss the others in the series?  Click the links below to see them:


Valentine Critters: the Penguin

Playing with Paper Lesson for Valentine's Critters - presenting the penguin.

Stay tuned, up next is the LOVE BIRD!

Did you miss the others in this series?  If so, find them here.




Valentine Heart Critter - the Catterpillar

This is a Playing with Paper series of Valentine's Critters.

Did you see the Butterfly?
Did you see the Mouse?

The Catterpillar is super easy.  Just two steps!

Stay tuned, next up is the PENGUIN!

Valentine Heart Critters - the Mouse

This is the second post in a series of Valentine Critters, a Playing with Paper lesson.  Did you see the BUTTERFLY VALENTINE CRITTER? 

Here we go with the MOUSE!

Enjoy!  Next up - the Caterpillar...

Playing with Paper: Valentine Heart Critters

Welcome to this episode of Playing with Paper.  I wasn't sure I'd remember how.  Tools and tape and stuff....  But it all came back.

I've put together some fun paper crafts for Valentine's Day.  I plan to teach these at my workshop tonight.  There are several critters in the bunch and all are made with hearts.  I pulled out all the Creative Memories heart punches from my retired collection of cM tools and got to work.  You can make these critters any size, with any punches or with hand-cut hearts.  Just need a bit of paper, a pen, some tape/glue, scissors and heart making tools (optional).

Add these critters to a traditional scrapbook album page OR scan or photograph these critters to turn them into your own digital art to add to a digital scrapbook page OR use these critters on a Valentine's Card or other Valentine's Day decoration.

This first lesson shows you step by step (via photos) how to make the Butterfly Valentine Critter.

Apologies for the huge variance of light and colors in these photos - the lighting in the house this morning was very inconsistent.

Next up is the Valentine Mouse Critter - stay tuned.

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Digi Scrap your Stories: Words on Ice

When I was younger, I used to write all the time.  It was a way to escape, to cope, to divert my mind...

Today I don't often use writing the same way, but sometimes it just creeps back... Here are photos from yesterday's icy mess.  Many around me are still without power tho. mine stayed on all day.  We had a big branch break in our spruce tree and a neighbor's branch came down but neither caused damage.

The dangerous and icy conditions also had beauty - maybe I managed to capture that.

I love to use photos and words that have been "designed" using my Panstoria Artisan software to post on Facebook - so much more interesting to add a collage or "page" style album of photos to share with family and friends.

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