Friday, February 14, 2014

Jazz Up Your Valentines

You love to use your Photo Design software (I use Storybook Creator - now called Panstoria Artisan) to create album pages, but what about to make custom photo Valentines???

Create a custom page project, add photos and embellish your photos to your HEART'S CONTENT (pun intended).  Did you not prepare for Valentine's Day or do you find yourself snowed in under the most recenet norEastern snowmaggeden?  Well... this is something you can make without even leaving the house.

AND... if you can't get to a photo developer store because it's too much of a snowy mess to leave the house, well, post your Valentines on Facebook... (or instagram or twitter) and make your sweetie the most popular LOVER on the planet!

Here's what I posted today (Valentine's Day and 25th Anniversary) my wishes to my lovely hubby.  Because he's working from home due to the weather, I had to hide my laptop screen from him while I designed but when he hopped on facebook during a conference call, he LOVED the photo surprise waiting for him there.

Hopefully, we will shovel our way out from under the foot and a half of snow that landed on the 2foot piles of snow that were sitting around from the past kazillion snows and we will still be able to trudge into the city of Philadelphia for our planned celebration night out!   Here's hoping.

Now go and spread some LOVE!

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