Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Historian Software Update WOW!

Guess what folks - Panstoria's Historian software just got better

NOTE: No... your Memory Manager software will not be updated with these new features.  Although your MM software will continue to work, it will not be able to receive bug fixes, updates and new features!  But, don't despair... for just $40, you can install Historian on your computer and get all this great stuff too!!!

TO PURCHASE HISTORIAN:  Click on the icon on the right hand side of my blog that says BUY HISTORIAN SOFTWARE.  Once you are logged into your account, you can order the software and I get a little kickback discount from Panstoria for telling you about it! THANKS... (questions about how to do this, contact me)

Update 4 of the Historian software includes numerous improvements to the previous version, including:
1) The addition of the Perfectly Clear™ image correction technology.  (Perfectly Clear is a trademark of Athentech Imaging, Inc.)
2) Watermarking of images.  Custom watermarks can now be easily added to images in the vault or to the exported version of images.
3) Support for maintaining, organizing, and viewing PDF images in the vault.
4) Support for the storage and viewing of animated GIFs.
5) Performance improvements to the image editing process.
6) Numerous bug fixes.
All together, these will provide an even better experience in your use of the best photo management software available.

NOTE: Installing the update will not affect your current vaults or other settings.

CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions and information about the new features.

Just so you know, I have both Historian and Memory Manager and Artisan and Storybook Creator running on my computer so no matter what version you are using, I can help you!  I'd suggest upgrading to Historian ASAP to get all these great new features at a SUPER reasonable price.

No matter what digital option you choose for printing your final product (Shutterfly, Panstoria, Heritage Makers, Snapfish, Blurb etc), you still need a place to organize, backup and protect your photos on your computer and this little piece of software is packed full of features at a very low price.

AND Remember, when you upload photos to Heritage Makers Studio online scrapbooking projects, you should already have them edited and their features enhanced before you do!

IF YOU ARE BUYING HISTORIAN - DON'T forget to click through using the box on the right side of my blog- that is the only way I get credit (my credit doesn't affect your sale).

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