Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Make N Take Holiday Tags

I've been absent from posting for TWO WEEKS!  But I haven't been idle - just really really Holi-busy!

My Holiday Open House is this weekend and I'm getting some things ready for my shoppers.  A favorite is the Make N Take tags.  This year, I've come up with two.

I'm calling them the Santa Suit Tag and the 3D Tree Tag. 

Both are very simple.  I'd suggest making a bunch, assembly line style and using them to add decor to all your holiday packages this year!  AND... guess what?  If you can make a tag - you can turn the same design into a card.  Play around with these two ideas for a variety of holiday decorating cards, buntings, the sky is the limit!

Here are the tags.

Instructions for Santa Suit Tag

Needed:  Red, White, Black & Yellow Cardstock – Personal Trimmer and/or scissors – Black Fine Tip Pen – Hole Punch – Straight Edge – Rotary Trimmer with WAVY blade – tape runner

Step 1:  Cut red cardstock 2”X6”
Step 2:  Cut white cardstock 1.75” X 6”
Step 3:  Cut a scant edge from each long side of white rectangle using wavy blade
Step 4:  Attach white wavy edge rectangle to red rectangle
Step 5:  Using straight edge, draw line down middle of white rectangle with fine tip pen
Step 6:  Cut black cardstock ¾” X 2”
Step 7:  Attach black rectangle to one end of red/white, about 1” in from end
Step 8:  Cut Yellow square ¾” X ¾”
Step 9:  Attach yellow square to center of black rectangle
Step 10:  Cut black square ½” X ½”
Step 11:  Attach black square to center of yellow square
Step 12:  Punch a hole on center pen line about ½” in from non-belt end of tag
Step 13:  Write the word TO above the black line and the word FROM below the black line 
TA DA!  Congrats – you’ve made an EASY Santa Suit Tag

Instructions for 3D Tree Tag

Needed:  Red, Green (double sided) & Yellow Cardstock – Tag Maker – Galaxy Maker – Tape Runner (optional – Rotary Trimmer with Scoring Blade)

Step 1:  Cut a tag from red cardstock and a hole at the top of the tag
Step 2:  Cut 2 green rectangles 1.5” X 2”
Step 3:  Place a dot at the top of the green rectangles.  Center the dot on halfway on the 1.5” side.
Step 4:  Make a diagonal cut from the dot to the right corner.  Then, make another diagonal cut from the dot to the left corner.  A triangle will remain.

Step 5:  Fold or score the triangle in half long ways.
Step 6:  Open the folded triangle part way.
Step 7:  Line up the folded triangle edges next to one another along the center of the tag, the base of the triangle will be against the bottom edge of the tag.
Step 8:  Punch a yellow star using the star on the galaxy maker
Step 9:  Attach the star to the tag slightly under the tip of the tree
TA DA!  Congrats – you’ve made an EASY 3D Tree Tag

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paper Flowers how to.

Creative Memories Project team - JILL - gives a tutorial on how to make really awesome flowers with scrapbook paper and Creative Memories tools.

Her tutorial is awesome.  Have fun and give this a try.  Check it out here.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Freebies Apple Orchard

This week's Friday Freebies from Creative Memories feature png files about apple orchards.  Follow this link to download.


Happy Digi Scrapping -

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Advent

When my daughter (a new grad student) and her roomie moved into their apartment, I gave them a mini everyday display board as a gift.  They needed some added inspiration for how to decorate it - so...

I got on my Storybook Creator PLUS software and created this "Countdown to Thanksgiving" calendar decoration for them to use.  I made it with the Autumn Additions Digital kit.  The font is called Caitlin.  Inserting a calendar is SOOOOOOOOOO easy with the 4.0 version of the software and I could customize it to look anyway I wanted.  I even added a little photo to the calendar square for Thanksgiving.

The page took me 5 minutes to design.  It's a custom 8X8 project and I saved it as a jpg and emailed it to her.  She will be able to print it on a color printer and magnetize it right to her board.
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