Thursday, December 1, 2011

Classic Christmas Speedy Scrap Cards


Use ONE Classic Christmas Sticker sheet ($3).  Click here to purchase it from my website.  See photo below.

Use any scraps you have.  Use a tape runner.  Use our awesome dual tip pens.

Check out the new silver pen below.  Click here to purchase it.

Product Image

Check out the new gold pen below.  Click here to purchase it.

Product Image

Give yourself 30 minutes.  Create at least 15 cards.  Then, give youself 15 minutes to add details with the pens.  See what you've got!

Here's what I came up with. 

and some more

and a few close ups.

It was so so so much fun.  Here are some tips for how to go about it.

Think outside the box
Use the scoring blade to make folding faster
Don't think too hard - go with your instincts

You can do it!  Feel free to share you 45 minute cards on my facebook page - go here to post them.

Fa La La La Love - Winter Additions!

So - We've established that I LOVE Creative Memories Addition Packs.  But, the Winter Additions pack is ALL ME!

I remember at the Showcase National Convention that cM talked about how they are making scrapbook supplies reflect the styles of today and I can tell they are doing their research.  The colors of the Winter Additions pack are so cute and they certainly have been studying the popular fabric designers of today, I can tell.

Here's the Winter Additions pack.  Click this link to buy it from my website.


If you look around the internet at some of the popular fabric designers, you can find similarities.
Check out this line of fabric called, STITCH by one of my faves - Betz White.

And take a look at this one too -

I LOVE it that they added sewing machine stitches.  And Iconic Retro/Vintage images.  I also love that they've jumped on the chevron bandwagon.  Chevrons are BIG this season - especially with the new Missoni line at Target.

Missoni Hits Target: Bullseye

Now you see that Creative Memories is really WITH IT in the design areas.  Way to go designers.

But lets remember that this is NOT fabric, it's scrapbook paper and stickers.  So what better to do with it than make some awesome borders and journaling boxes.

I tend to be the type of traditional scrapbooker who likes to get a lot out of my real estate on a page.  I add as many photos as will fit and I journal - almost on every page.  But, I love to pop on a little decor here and there - so making up borders and boxes and other little bits and bots allows me to save them and use them when the right page comes along.

Here are some of the ideas I came up with for the Winter Additions pack.

I was not gifted with a "math brain," so the little expose on math shown above is about as deep as it gets for me.

If you are a consultant looking for a handout, I'm sorry but I didn't make one for this lesson.   You are welcome to copy and use anything you find in this lesson. Please Please do not copy these lessons as your own, sell them, or offer them on scrapshare sites.  They are my own designs and I request that you use them respectfully.  If you have any trouble seeing instructions, feel free to contact me here.  I was getting hundreds of requests for handouts and it was just TOO many to respond to!  But thanks for your enthusiasm.

I hope you will love the Winter Additions pack as much as I do, but if these designs are not your style, here's the cool thing... there are other winter additions packs available AND cM usually issues something new every year.  I love it that the styles in my albums will change with the times - what a great historical record that will be...not just the photos but the decor will reflect what was going on at the time.  COOL HUH?

Happy Scrapping!

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