Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Going for Graduation

YIKES!  I have just barely over 2 months to get ALL of my high school graduating son's life chronicled into an assortment of photo albums and photo gifts.  Where did the time go?  Why am I behind?  How did I let this happen ( I seem to remember that I was in the same shape right before my daughter graduated from high school 4 years ago - and now she'll graduate from college in 2 months)?

I'm sure this is a shared feeling amongst those of us who are behind with our photo albums.  So, what do I do about it.

1.  Make a list - what albums do I need to complete?  How many, what type.  Will they be digital, traditional, 12X12, 8X8, etc...   I need a list.  That's a great first place to start.

2.  I need a schedule.  I need to set aside time to sit down and get it done.

3.  I need a plan.  Which album will I begin with?  I can have more than one going at once, especially if I'm doing traditional as well as digital albums.  What supplies do I need?  What do I need to purchase?  Which photos need to be organized, edited, cropped, picked through?

4.  I need dedication and accountability.  I am welcoming anyone who reads this to hold me accountable.  Ask me if my list is complete - and tell me to post it here to prove it.  Request the dates that I have reserved to work on these photo projects.  Peruse my album plan and offer any helpful tips you have. 

Want to join me?  Do you have a child who is graduating from some level of school?  Do you have a deadline by which you need to complete albums?  Do you want accountability and assistance?  Please put your answers in the comment section.  Let's encourage one another!

When my daughter graduated from High School, all of her albums were on display on a big table in the middle of the living room.  Each one had a label about it's subject matter for example:  "Syd's baby book Volume 1" or "Middle School Theater" etc... The album display was a big hit and I really want to duplicate it for my son.

Besides, I've got another son graduating next year, and then another 2 years after that, so I MUST get a system in place to provide life stories for them all.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Basic Page Layout Design

Often, we get hung up on fancy page layout designs.  Not that fabulous design doesn't create an awesome page, but if design prohibits album page completion and an album has one fantasically designed page with an entire box of photos NOT in albums, design can outdo DONE.

I love to spend time on a few pages and make them really awesome, but hands down, having a few basic layout plans on hand really can get the job done.  Here is a sample of how using one piece of paper and ONE CUT can create tons of double page spreads.  When you look back over the album, the tons of variations will fool you into thinking there are more design layouts than there really are.  Don't forget the importance of a few basic designs and some really awesome, quality speed tools.

If you would like to get a larger copy of this handout in jpg format, please contact me here.
Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inspiration Board

A few weeks ago I read an article in the March/April issue of the Natural Home magazine.  It appeared on pages 12 - 13.  When planning National Scrapbook Day, I knew my attendees would love a lesson about this idea.

Immediately I thought of the Creative Memories Everyday Display board.  Although the article did not mention this product, it was a clear choice for creating such a board.  There are many sources of inspiration for using an inspiration board. What is your goal? What do you need to do to achieve it.  What visual signs will help you to keep it fresh in your mind?  Put those items on the board.  Place the board where you will see it often to keep your vision.

I opted to create a project inspiration board.  If you've been following my Fly the Coop Crafts blog, you know that I am immersed in all sorts of creative projects (digital and traditional scrabooking being just a few of my long list). My board features some of the projects (there are many more!) that I hope to create or am in the middle of creating.  I will remove the completed tasks OR I'll post photos of my completed tasks.  OR maybe, I'll get a second board to reward myself with a completed tasks vision!

What is YOUR inspiration and how will you display it?  Feel free to post photos of your own inspiration board.  See mine below.

Happy Scrapping!

Scrapbook Day Success and FUN!

This past weekend was my annual scrapbook event, National Scrapbook Day weekend.  I had 14 lovely ladies who spent the weekend with me (well, they did go home to sleep) to create traditional and digital pages, learn about new products, create Make-n-Takes, play games, win prizes, etc...  Friday night I went to bed about 2am and not much earlier on Saturday night - but it was worth it.  Here are some of the highlights and designs we created during the weekend:

I made these cute cards and page elements using our new additions pack, Cheerful Spring.  It's a bargain at only $9.00.  Order it at my website:  Each item is pictured below separately for better viewing.

The last one with the little bird and the dragonfly is a card and I have the perfect person to send it to!

I also created some Make N Takes using our National Scrapbook Day FUN & FAB products.  All of the attendees received the Fun & Fab items in their weekend goodie bag - so they had all the materials they needed to complete each one.  I've got the directions for the Make-N-Takes all typed out in a word document if you wish to make them.  Contact me for the instructions.

This last one was my favorite.  I love using the raised adhesive to give the finished product some dimension.  You can purchase sheets of the raised adhesive here.  They are called Foam Squares.

Here are some of the the happy scrappers:

Rosanne completed a fabulous album which I will tell you about another time - it may be a surprise~

And Sally who is always VERY up to date with her photos.  She worked on multiple albums during the weekend and is known for standing up to do her scrapbooking ( I do give her a chair) and for talking to herself as she makes page design decisions.

Susie worked diligently to finish her 12X12 traditional Disney album of her family's recent trip.  Susie pointed out one funny page that she journaled about.  She had left her son and her purse on a bench while she used the restroom.  Her husband told her son to "watch mom's purse" while she was gone.  The photo shows her son eating some goldfish crackers while he stares intensely at her purse.  The purse was very safe while Susie was away from it.  Maybe Susie will post the photo in her comments.

Beth worked on a variety of projects.  Beth usually works on both digital and traditional projects while she attends workshops.  She did this weekend as well.  Here is Beth assembling some traditional pages.  She also brought us some YUMMY brownies!

Angie is not only new to scrapbooking but is a new consultant in my unit.  Angie was learning how to use all of her new tools.  The one she is using in the photo below is the number pattern from our new Creative Cuts Tool.  Her pages were beautiful!  She's a quick learner and a has a natural knack for page design.  She's also great with color!

Dorothy, like me, also has a graduating senior in High School.  She has a graduation goal but I will say that she is further along than me - I think I need to go to a workshop!

Julie and Laura were in the tool room creating their Make-n-Takes!  Julie completed a birthday album for her daughter's 13th birthday and Laura created an entire 8X8 album and added photos and journaling!  Go Laura.  Laura also won one of my sales gifts, a mini version of the Everyday Display.

Look for another post about how to create an Inspiration Board using your Everyday Display.  OR... just use it for it's intended purpose with our NEW display accents.  See them here and here.

There were a TON of new products to highlight during the event.  I will be featuring some of them individually on the blog.  Check back to see details about those!  For now - Happy Scrapping.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

National Scrapbook Day - sneak peek

I'm planning now for my 2011 National Scrapbook Day weekend event.  There will be a lot happening.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the exciting things that await those who attend!

 Rest assured, all of my NSD samples and MakeNTakes will be posted here after the event ends.
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