Monday, March 21, 2011

Basic Page Layout Design

Often, we get hung up on fancy page layout designs.  Not that fabulous design doesn't create an awesome page, but if design prohibits album page completion and an album has one fantasically designed page with an entire box of photos NOT in albums, design can outdo DONE.

I love to spend time on a few pages and make them really awesome, but hands down, having a few basic layout plans on hand really can get the job done.  Here is a sample of how using one piece of paper and ONE CUT can create tons of double page spreads.  When you look back over the album, the tons of variations will fool you into thinking there are more design layouts than there really are.  Don't forget the importance of a few basic designs and some really awesome, quality speed tools.

If you would like to get a larger copy of this handout in jpg format, please contact me here.
Happy Scrapping!

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