Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Going for Graduation

YIKES!  I have just barely over 2 months to get ALL of my high school graduating son's life chronicled into an assortment of photo albums and photo gifts.  Where did the time go?  Why am I behind?  How did I let this happen ( I seem to remember that I was in the same shape right before my daughter graduated from high school 4 years ago - and now she'll graduate from college in 2 months)?

I'm sure this is a shared feeling amongst those of us who are behind with our photo albums.  So, what do I do about it.

1.  Make a list - what albums do I need to complete?  How many, what type.  Will they be digital, traditional, 12X12, 8X8, etc...   I need a list.  That's a great first place to start.

2.  I need a schedule.  I need to set aside time to sit down and get it done.

3.  I need a plan.  Which album will I begin with?  I can have more than one going at once, especially if I'm doing traditional as well as digital albums.  What supplies do I need?  What do I need to purchase?  Which photos need to be organized, edited, cropped, picked through?

4.  I need dedication and accountability.  I am welcoming anyone who reads this to hold me accountable.  Ask me if my list is complete - and tell me to post it here to prove it.  Request the dates that I have reserved to work on these photo projects.  Peruse my album plan and offer any helpful tips you have. 

Want to join me?  Do you have a child who is graduating from some level of school?  Do you have a deadline by which you need to complete albums?  Do you want accountability and assistance?  Please put your answers in the comment section.  Let's encourage one another!

When my daughter graduated from High School, all of her albums were on display on a big table in the middle of the living room.  Each one had a label about it's subject matter for example:  "Syd's baby book Volume 1" or "Middle School Theater" etc... The album display was a big hit and I really want to duplicate it for my son.

Besides, I've got another son graduating next year, and then another 2 years after that, so I MUST get a system in place to provide life stories for them all.

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  1. I love this idea, I found your blog from CM's site someone suggested it for CM ideas :).....I have three children my oldest son will graduate 6/2012, 2nd son 6/2013 and daughter 6/2015 :(....thanks for the inspiration :).


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