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Match Your Wrap with Custom Cards

I'm a Creative Memories consultant.  I've been a consultant for over NINE years!  So it goes without saying that I own a lot of Creative Memories paper and stickers. 
Title Stickers  Decorative Stickers
Creative Memories (now) comes out with new products every two months - and sometimes more often with digital products.  So it goes without saying that I constantly purchase new stuff.  OF COURSE!

However, paper and stickers and other scrapbook products don't always get USED as fast as I'd like (meaning I'm always behind with my album projects).  Really, I am behind.  Even though I've made TONS of albums for my family and friends - I am not caught up.  At all.  It could be because I take lots of photos or my album ambitions are too high - but basically I think I have the same problem as everyone else.  There just aren't enough hours in the day.

One promise I made to myself a few years ago was that I would only PERSONALLY open a new product if I was A) going to use it myself right away in a project or B) going to create a scrapbook lesson for the purpose of teaching about a specific product.  I have done pretty well at sticking to that promise.  I swear I have.  Even though I get ALL of my products at 30% off as a consultant, even the ones that are on sale - I have stuck to the promise. 

(If I've peaked your interest, yes... you can be a consultant too - just go to my website by following this link and fill out the online form and for a mere $50 you'll have the 30% off privileges too and you can of course earn money selling our fantastic products to your friends and family).

Another promise I made to myself was that I would MAKE ALL OF MY CARDS!  I would stop paying upwards of $4 for a Hallmark (or other) greeting card when I could make more beautiful ones myself.  Besides, once I've used a Power Palette or Additions Pack over and over and over again in my albums, I want to purchase something NEW from Creative Memories so by using up the older paper, I can fill in my supply with new stuff.

Making cards is EASY.  One thing I love to do is to make cards that match my wrapping paper.  Yes you can make your own wrapping paper too.  But often, I end up buying wrapping paper from one of the cute little elementary school kids that comes to my door bearing a Sally Foster or Innisbrook catalog and smiling a sweet little smile at me and telling me about their school fundraiser - who can resist right?

Making cards is also FAST.  I love tools (my Creative Memories supply promise does NOT in any way apply to buying new tools BTW).  Tools don't get used up, can be used again and again and also make the job go more quickly.  I use a lot of tools to make my cards (I'll talk about my favorite card making tools below).

Just the other day I made a birthday card to match the wrapping paper I used for my son's birthday gifts.  Here are some photos of that card with the wrapped gifts.

I'm a real sucker for cards that coordinate with paper but I've never been a big fan of buying matching sets.  I have no explanation for my dislike of purchasing matching sets.

For my sister, I added a piece of wrapping paper to a re-gifted gift bag and made a card to match both the gift bag and the purse I sewed for her on her birthday.

Here are some cards to make that would look cute with these hand sewn gifts I made for my 3 year old nephew a few years ago.
Scallop Circle Maker Ice Cream Cone Project IdeaCheerful Birthday Addition Card IdeaParty Card Idea

These cards and instructions for how to make them can all be found at the Creative Memories project center (a wonderful resource for using Creative Memories products to make cards, album pages and MORE).

Don't worry if you aren't a traditional scrapbooker - believe me, the many ways to make DIGITAL scrapbook cards are simply endless!  Using the Creative Memories Storybook Creator PLUS 3.0, you can make basically ANY size custom card you wish AND you can print these custom cards on your home printer or have them printed at a photo developer - the Creative Memories Digital Photo Center is one you may want to try.

Here are some samples of DIGITAL cards:

5x7 Cheerful Birthday Card Project Scrapbook Idea      I'm Turning Five   4x6 Cheerful Birthday Thank You Card Project Idea

There is really no end to the types of cards and the purposes for creating a card: invitation cards, announcement cards, wedding cards, anniversary cards, holiday cards, etc... Take a look at the specialty card options at the digital center by following this highlighted link.

Oh, and just in case you are in the market for Mother's Day cards, there is a sale going on the entire month of April on digital Mother's Day cards.  Click Digital Mother's Day Card Sale for more info.

PLEASE!  Consider posting your cards and your comments and card inspirations you've had or made.

Some of my favorite TOOLS for card making are:

The 12" Rotary Trimmer (especially the scoring blade) 

and finally - the Dual Tip PENS

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