Friday, April 8, 2011

Palette Party!

Okay... a word about Power Palettes.

A Power Palette is essentially a traditional album maker's dream kit.  Power Palettes (PPs) use a variety of products (decorative and tonal papers, photo mats, journaling boxes, ABC sets, stickers, titles, ribbons and other embellishments) all in one coordinating color palette.  Once you purchase a PP, you can still be as creative as you wish with your traditional pages - however... your work and your choices are easier.

Select pieces from a PP and they will all coordinate on your page.  There are PPs for both digital and traditional albums.  As always, the cool thing about a digital PP (at the price of about $10) is that you NEVER use up the supplies in a digital package.  The cool thing about traditional PPs in April is that the two newest ones (Rugged and Fabulous) are ON SALE THIS MONTH!  For about $20 off!  That's a huge savings.  Just click the bolded words above to be directed to my website to purchase them.

Some ideas for the Rugged (masculine from babies to grandpas) and Fabulous (from newborns to oldies) are below.  Last year, Creative Memories introduced the Discover and Delight PPs (and a few other cM packages).  Rugged and Fabulous replace those.  It's awesome that CM has found a way to keep the same themes, but update us with new designs.  Who wants to use the same old stuff year after year - right?

I made these cute borders with Delight and Discover.  I'd like to see you put them to use with Rugged and Fabulous.  In advance, I will thank all the people who inspired these page design elements for me.  I was inspired by ideas I found from other consultants and also from the Creative Memories project center.  I'll be doing a future post on digital PPs using a variety of our digital PP kits.  Stay tuned by following my blog (click the follow tab) or adding me to your RSS feed.  Enjoy!


  1. I just found this and I love your cupcake with the accordian-folded cupcake paper! Adorable! Did you use the circle maker to make the top of the cupcake? I am going to CASE this. Thanks!

  2. Hi Susan -

    Yes, on the cupcake, I used 3 - 1.5" circles in a row on the first layer closest to the cupcake paper and then 2 - 1.25" circles on top of those to make the second layer and finally a 1.25" circle on the top! They make great birthday card decorations!


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