Sunday, April 17, 2011

Graduation Album Plan

My oldest son (second child) will graduate from high school in June of this year.  When my daughter graduated from high school I had an entire room of albums displayed for our guests to peruse.  I want to offer the same thing at my son's graduation.  BUT... I am way behind.  I need a plan.  Often, I find that if you make a plan for the albums you need to complete and then take a look at it on paper, it's not quite as daunting as it seems when the tasks only exist inside your head.  So... I got down to it and made myself a task list.  I feel like I'm in much better shape that I believed myself to be.  Well, that certainly does count the fact that I just spent most of today and yesterday completing about 50 traditional album page layouts which allowed me to just about complete THREE of the traditional album projects that were looming over me.

Below is the chart I made for myself and how far along I am in completing the tasks - WISH ME LUCK and please, cheer me on.  I'd love to complete all of these album projects to celebrate the full 18 years of his life at this turning point in his life.

Keep posted - the next two posts will cover: Categorical Albums, Traditional Tips and Tricks that relieve album stress.  Happy Scrapping!

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