Saturday, September 22, 2012

Newsprint Comic Photos

This lesson/technique is just pure fun.  I have so many page ideas I am so excited to make with this.

There is a handout for this lesson if you'd like one.  You may request the handout by email by sending a message to cmsher(at)gmail(dot)com. 

The instructions are here below.  Enjoy. AND... happy digi-scrapping!


Embellishment Paper Content

I've created a new lesson describing how to make your own designer paper using the FABULOUS Storybook Creator 4.0 software by Creative Memories.

I LOVE this software.  I can't imagine paying hundreds of dollars for Photoshop when this AWESOME package is SO user friendly yet so reasonably priced at $69.

If you are a Creative Memories consultant OR if you'd just like to have copy of this lesson in pdf format for your personal use, I'm happy to send you a copy.  Please make a request for the lesson via email at cmsher (at) gmail (dot) com.  I'll get it off to you right away.  I freely create and share my lessons.  I ask that you always credit me for the items I offer freely and that you never sell or publish my content.  Thanks!

Now enjoy the lesson -

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Digital Embellishment Buntings

I'm currently a bit obsessed with BUNTINGS... you know, rows of flags hung across a room to add a bit of decorative cheer.  Buntings are my latest love to crochet.  I will be posting about my crochet buntings on my other blog, FLY THE COOP CRAFTS...available to see now.

I love to carry my crafting over into my scrapbook world.  Recently, Creative Memories has been on the bunting band wagon too... there have been buntings on their scrapbook papers, their tools and their stickers.

Product ImageProduct Image

Product Image

So, I decided to share my technique for creating digital buntings.

I've created a 9 page lesson about them.  If you would like a pdf file of this lesson to share with your scrapbooking friends or your scrapbook clients, I'd be happy to share.  Email me at cmsher (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll send it to you.  Please make sure to request the document from an email address that can receive big files.

I'm including the pages found in the lesson in this blog post.

If you have any questions about how to create and use Digital Embellishment Buntings, don't hesitate to contact me.  Also, if you create pages with digital buntings, please consider sharing them on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

Thanks and Happy Digi-Scrapping.

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