Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Save and Change Digital Borders in SBC+

In my last post about saving and re-coloring the borders you create, I made an error.  In Storybook, if you save a grouped item as content (embellishment), you cannot ungroup it when you select it from your content to re-use it in another project.

However, the way I save my borders to re-use and re-color may work for you.  Here’s how.

First, create a new project.  I choose a 12X12 page prints project.  I gave mine the title “borders.”  When I create a border, I save it in a page in my project.  When I want to REUSE a border in another project, I open my project BORDERS and copy and paste the grouped border into the other project I’m working on. 
Remember, SBC+ allows you to have up to 3 projects open at the same time and switching between them is very easy.  You don’t have to close and open each one, just click on the little blue photo album in the upper left corner of your SBC screen and you will see a list that says “Current Documents.”  To select another open project, just click it from the list.

Another thing you can do to save a border is to save it as a page template.  A page template is similar to a click & fill page and if you follow Pixels2Pages, a blueprint page (now forbidden).  However, you can make your own page templates and save them for your own use.  The fabulous pixies at P2P have written up some information about making and saving your own page templates for future use.  Click HERE for the writeup they did on their P2P website and click HERE for a question they answered on their Facebook page. Saving a border so that you can change its individual elements at a later time can be saved the same way. 

I actually have a LOT of borders saved right now and my one borders project is feeling a little unorganized.  You may wish to have more categories of borders and store each one in a project with a name that reflects the borders you have contained within.
Speaking of P2P, they will be going “off the air” for a few weeks in August to make some changes to their website, so if you need instructions from their website or from a recent challenge page they created, look it up soon!  The P2P facebook fan page will be up and running during their website downtime. Go here for their facebook page. I believe you need to be logged into your FB account for the FB links in this blogpost to direct you to the correct place.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything on my blogs, you can also go to my facebook fan page (called Fly the Coop Crafts) by clicking HERE and then LIKE my page.  You’ll get updates posted to your fb wall.  If you need any clarification about this post, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  You can email me at this address.  Happy Scrapping!

Monday, July 25, 2011

TRADIGI BORDERS: Summer Travel series

Try your hand at some Tradigi Borders.  Go back to some of the traditional borders you created years ago.  See if you can create the same ones with Storybook Creator.  Then, save them and change the look of them.  Next step...put them on a digital page with some photos and add journaling.  Have fun!

Traditional Borders ReColor RePeat

Ok, so I'm nostalgic about the "old" style of traditional scrapbooking.  I mean back before we had 12X12 papers...back when we had only white pages, back when the creation of an artsy border strip was the talk of the page.  Ok, so I'm also glad we've moved on from there.  But every now and again I like to go back and do something ultra traditional.  The cool thing is that now, I can even do the ultra traditional  - but I can do it DIGITAL.

Some of my favorite borders were a one per month series created by Cindy Carlson.  I got a new border in the series every month for a year.  I made every one of them and taught them at all my workshops.  Last week, I used my very last border from my selection of Cindy Carlson pre-mades I had put together years ago.  In my nostalgia, I decided to try to re-create it digitally.

And SUCCESS... not only did I create one but I realized that once it was created, I could SAVE the border as content (embellishment) and use it over and over again.  I also realized I could change the entire color scheme of the border thus having many different borders to use.

Here is a page full of my TRADIGI borders.  I have a bunch more I want to create and I'll probably share those with you in the future.  Keep reading for some tips about how to group and re-color your borders.

To create these borders in Storybook Creator PLUS software, create a border strip.  Add squares.  Color the squares and the strip.  Cut a heart from each of the squares.  Use the cutout heart and add it to a different square.  Add a shadow or a 3D edge to make the hearts show up better.

To save a border as content, group it together and save it.  I group rather than flatten in this situation because I will want to un-group and re-color the borders in the future so I don't want them flattened into one piece.  To re-color the borders, you can SHIFT-select several elements at the same time and use the Cut and Fill feature.  OR.. you can select the entire border and use the Color Tab and play around with adjusting the hue, intensity and saturation.

Have fun and Happy Scrapping!  I'm sure I'll have more TRADIGI borders coming soon.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Border Maker T-Guide Instructions

I love the new cM Border Maker but I had a bunch of pre-cut borders (1.75" wide) that I wanted to cut.  The border maker couldn't hold my thin strip because it wasn't wide enough to fit under the magnetic arm that hold the paper in place to make the cut.

So, I devised this T-Guide system for holding thinner pieces of paper to use for cutting with the border system.

The instructions are listed in the photo below.  ENJOY!

If you are Creative Memories consultant AND you are a public follower of my blog (you can follow by clicking the follow button on the left hand side of my blog and completing the instructions that ensue), you can request a handout in pdf format to use with your customers and downline.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Adventures in the cM Border Maker System

The new border maker tool from Creative Memories is a lot of fun.  The entire system (maker, guide and 4 cartridges) is on sale as a bundle thru the end of this month.  It retails for $60 in the US.  You can order the bundle on line by following THIS LINK.

On it's own, the border maker creates some quick and easy decorative border strips to use with album pages, cards and other paper crafts.  BUT... get a little creative and start combining these strips in new ways and you come up with some fun decorations for your traditional paper crafting.

Here are a few that I created.  If you are a Creative Memories consultant AND you are a public follower of my blog, email me here, let me know what name you are following under and I'll send you a 2-page handout in pdf format to share with your customers.  Ask for Border Maker Handout.

Enjoy! and as always Happy Scrapping.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about how to use the border maker system with a thin piece of border strip using a technique I invented.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

CM New Border Maker

Creative Memories new border maker system is awesome.  Check out the video of how it works. 
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