Saturday, July 23, 2011

Border Maker T-Guide Instructions

I love the new cM Border Maker but I had a bunch of pre-cut borders (1.75" wide) that I wanted to cut.  The border maker couldn't hold my thin strip because it wasn't wide enough to fit under the magnetic arm that hold the paper in place to make the cut.

So, I devised this T-Guide system for holding thinner pieces of paper to use for cutting with the border system.

The instructions are listed in the photo below.  ENJOY!

If you are Creative Memories consultant AND you are a public follower of my blog (you can follow by clicking the follow button on the left hand side of my blog and completing the instructions that ensue), you can request a handout in pdf format to use with your customers and downline.


  1. Thanks...can you email me a copy of the pdf? I'm a CMC.
    thanks, Melinda

  2. Sure Melinda - you'll need to email me at and request it. I cannot attach something to a comment and have it get to you. Thanks, Sher

  3. Sher~ I think I'm addicted to your blog! I'm a CMC and would love to be a follower but I can't find the "follow" button on the left side that you said to use. Am I missing something? Your ideas are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing them. It's people like you who make people like me look good.
    Yikes - now I can't even find a profile to use!

  4. That's genius! So glad to "meet" you!
    Sent you an e-mail requesting the PDF.
    CMC - Sharon Weinreb

  5. In reference to the "anonymous" comment left above, the "follow" button is under my profile on the left hand side but the follow button actually says "join this site" it's rectagular, light blue with white letters. Click that and follow the instructions that ensue to become a follower! email me if you have trouble. - thanks, Sher

  6. I would love to have a PDF of this process. Thank you.

  7. I would like the pdf please. I am CMC and we have our Croptoberfest this weekend and border maker is our make-n-take all weekend!
    Thanks - Bonnie

  8. I would like the pdf as well. I am a CMC consultant and would like to follow your blog. I can't seem to figure out how to follow. Thanx so much, Carol

  9. I'd like a PDF also. I'm a CMC and have been trying to figure this out to use up scraps as I'm making borders for vendor fairs. My email is Thank you. Mary

  10. was excited to discover you...have never followed I will email you to try to get a PDF ..thanks...


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