Friday, January 2, 2015

Memory Preservation Options - Traditional Style

The market is loaded with options for both traditional and digital scrapbooking!  New Memory Preservation options are coming on the market every day!  It's tough to keep track of it all.

As a Personal Photo Organizer, I consider it my business to help you figure out the best place to turn for you specific photo preservation needs.  I will attempt to keep you updated on a wide variety of options and the upsides and downsides of what this niche market has to offer.

As you know, for many years I was a Creative Memories consultant.  Creative Memories went out of business but a new business called Ahni&Zoe by Creative Memories resulted from cM's closing.  I didn't care for the A&Z business so I dis-associated myself with that business.  Now, a new owner came along and bought the rights and trademarks of the cM and AZ scrapbooking products.  That new owner re-named the new business, Creative Memories.  I typically refer to it as "the new cM."

The new cM sells ONLY traditional scrapbooking products.  Many of the products you will recognize from the old cM and from AZ.  Here is a link to the current catalog for the new cM with new products being developed and added all the time: the new cM catalog. 

One of the many photo solution affiliations I have to serve your traditional scrapbook needs is with this new cM.  You can go HERE to my cM advisor page and order products.

Here is an idea of what's new at the new cM for Jan 2014:

But, the new cM is NOT the only game in town!

A while back, the founder of the original Creative Memories, Rhonda Anderson, left the offshoot company Ahni & Zoe (as did a slew of old cM and AZ consultants) and went to Heritage Makers / Youngevity.

Heritage Makers has been around for a while as a digital-only online scrapbooking company.  Heritage Makers was bought by Youngevity (YGY) and expanded it's product offerings.

I signed on with Heritage Makers very shortly after leaving the Ahni & Zoe offshoot of the old cM.  Heritage Makers has its own online (not desktop resident) digital scrapbooking program and it's own digital printing center.  Customers don't ever have to own a software package and can simply design pages and products online in HM's Studio design package and print their projects at HM's digital center.  GO HERE TO REACH MY HM AFFILIATE SITE.

When Rhonda Anderson moved to Heritage Makers, she helped to develop a line of traditional scrapbook products.  The Rhonda Anderson traditional scrapbook projects are called "Our Memories for Life."  You will see a LOT of those products look JUST LIKE the old Creative Memories products that you knew and loved.   CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OMFL CATALOG.

If you miss ABC letters, HM's OMFL line by Rhonda has a lot of options!

So you see - if you don't want to have to resort to the cheap, non-archival products in the big box stores for your scrapbooking, you have quality product options!

If you have questions about any of these products, don't hesitate to contact me.

TATA for now, Sher

PS - I will be reviewing NUMEROUS photo solution options for you this month!

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