Thursday, January 22, 2015

Snow Photos - Get it WHITE!

DOES YOUR SNOW LOOK GREY? in your photos or white?

grey snow and dull whites
white snow and brighter whites
Do you have some reliable sources for basic photo taking tips?  I do.  One of them is Nick Kelsh.  Here's a bit about Nick as printed on his blog I first met him when he was the keynote speaker at a Creative Memories conference:

Nick Kelsh is the author/photographer of nine book including How to Photograph Your Baby and How to Photograph Your Life. He also produced a new set of photographs to illustrate Rachel Carson’s classic The Sense of Wonder. His award-winning work has appeared in such high-profile publications as Time, Life, and National Geographic, as well as on several covers in the well-known Day in the Life book series. He has appeared multiple times on Oprah and The Today Show.

You can follow Nick here:  FOLLOW NICK

I also follow the Forever Blog - Forever is a long-term photo storage site.  It's different from other sites because it does not data mine and your photos are owned totally by you - not by Forever.

Today's lesson on the Forever blog was written by Nick Kelsh.  It's a little tip about how your camera reads the brightness of white snow when you have your dial turned to automatic.  Of course, you can correct your photos AFTER you take them, but if you would wish to learn a simple trick for taking the photos right the first time, consider the info Nick explains on the Forever blog here:

I woke up to a covering of snow this morning, so this information was pertinent and timely for me.

If you wish to learn more about Forever, you are welcome to contact me, or go HERE TO THE FOREVER WEBSITE to learn more about them.  You'll be glad you did.

PS - I'm going on a photo safari with Nick this spring.  I'm so excited!  The photo safari is a special course offered at the APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers) Conference this year.  Need to find a personal and professional photo organizer?  GO HERE TO APPO!

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