Friday, February 7, 2014

Playing with Paper: Valentine Heart Critters

Welcome to this episode of Playing with Paper.  I wasn't sure I'd remember how.  Tools and tape and stuff....  But it all came back.

I've put together some fun paper crafts for Valentine's Day.  I plan to teach these at my workshop tonight.  There are several critters in the bunch and all are made with hearts.  I pulled out all the Creative Memories heart punches from my retired collection of cM tools and got to work.  You can make these critters any size, with any punches or with hand-cut hearts.  Just need a bit of paper, a pen, some tape/glue, scissors and heart making tools (optional).

Add these critters to a traditional scrapbook album page OR scan or photograph these critters to turn them into your own digital art to add to a digital scrapbook page OR use these critters on a Valentine's Card or other Valentine's Day decoration.

This first lesson shows you step by step (via photos) how to make the Butterfly Valentine Critter.

Apologies for the huge variance of light and colors in these photos - the lighting in the house this morning was very inconsistent.

Next up is the Valentine Mouse Critter - stay tuned.

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