Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SBC 4 Snowshoe Pages

I got a new laptop in mid-December.

As Storybook Creator software activations taken over by Panstoria ended on 12/31/13, I was of course re-activating my own software packages on that last day.  All went well except I realize that on my new computer Memory Manager will never contain the Perfectly Clear editing package.  It's still working fine on my old laptop but on the new one, the PC relationship w/ cM ended a few months ago tho. Panstoria still had rights to activate the software.

I COULD upgrade right away to Historian software by Panstoria, but they don't have the Perfectly Clear package included with their software either.  So for now, I'll go back to my manual editing tools - maybe I'll learn more about how to use them - I do use them, but have gotten lazy of late.

It's been a while since I made any SBC pages of my life.  I take photos, post on fb, organize on Mem Mgr and unless I have a digital scrapbooking project of my own (as opposed to the clients I make albums for), they sit in my memory vault.  Yesterday, I decided to make some pages of some recent photos and post the pages vs. just the photos to my facebook feed.  It was fun.

I kept the pages VERY simple and told the story of my outing with text.

The story was of a snowshoe adventure and the pages were fun to make and to look at.  I am going to try to post pages rather than just photos in the future.  After all, when I do have a project, they will already be finished pages that I can use!

Here are my pages, enjoy:

PS.  My new laptop is LOVELY.  It's a custom build Toshiba P50-A.  While I decided to go w/ a 15" screen for portability, I plan to invest in a lovely giant screen to use when I'm doing heavy duty digi-scrapping at home.  If you have questions about what I put in my laptop, I'm happy to pow wow with you about it.  I am in LOVE with my backlit keyboard.

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