Thursday, October 6, 2011

Think Pink - the traditional way

I have to admit, many of my own albums are now digital scrapbooking creations.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Storybook Creator Plus (now at version 4.0) software and find it hard to keep myself away from it.  But, every now and again, I really just want to sit down in a big mess of supplies, paper and tape and create scrapbook designs the traditional way.

Today - I spent time with the Think Pink traditional scrapbook paper pack (which also includes die cuts).  Click on the link above to purchase it.

and the Think Pink traditional scrapbook embellishment pack. Click to purchase.

The paper is gorgeous.  I love the soft shimmer to the light pink paper and the shiny silver elements on both the paper and the embellishment.  I love it that Creative Memories products coordinate rather than match.  I am not a matchy-matchy girl but I love the ease of coordinating products.

In the paper pack, note that all the 12X12 paper (and the 12X12 die cut page too) is double sided.  This means more bang for the buck.  I like to use full page designs AND to create borders and other embellishments by cutting the paper apart.  The way Creative Memories packages their products, I can do both.

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  If you've seen any NFL games lately, you'll know that because all the football players find ways to incorporate the color pink into their uniforms. 

A few weeks ago I played around with the Think Pink Digital Kit for PC.  It's also available in a MAC version (RIP Steve Jobs). It was a great package to work with and I created an 8+ page tutorial and a few digital freebies using my digital Think Pink ideas.  Check out the Think Pink Digital blog post here.

In Creative Memories land, October is ALSO the month for Croptoberfest Specialty events.  My Croptoberfest event takes place in a few weeks and I'm working now to get all of my ideas and inspirations complete so I can share them with my event attendees.  I plan to donate ALL of my Think Pink pages and borders to anyone in my customer base who is working on a page about Breast Cancer survivors, or who is participating in Breast Cancer walks, runs, etc...

Here are the full page spreads that I came up with:

The photo above is a pretty good representation of the pink colors as they really are.

The rest of these pinks are a lighter shade and in the fading natural light of the day - and the lack of a white balanced lighting studio, I had a really hard time capturing the real color.  The pages with the soft shimmery paper were really tough to capture as they played with the light in an odd way and unfortunately, light and color exceeded my photography skills so I aplogize for the bad photos of this and the next few pages.  Check back in a few days - if I can capture them better in good light tomorrow I may replace the photos in this post with new and improved ones.

I also cut apart some of the products in the pack to create traditional Think Pink borders.  Here are the borders I created. (NOTE:  I added a piece of black paper for the designs directly below - it does not come with the Think Pink pack)

At my Croptoberfest event, attendees will have a chance to earn tickets for prizes.  One of the way to earn tickets is by purchasing Think Pink Products.

Check out the new Ribbon Maker.  Click its name to purchase it.


I love this product because it can not only be used to create Breast Cancer pages, but by punching other colors of paper, the Ribbon Maker can be used to advertise, or memorialize other causes as well.

Check out more ideas with the Think Pink pack from the Creative Memories Project Center.

Like these:

Think Pink Ribbon Maker Scrapbook Layout
 Think Pink Mug Wrap Gift Project Idea
Oh, and by the way... if you purchase any of the Think Pink products from Creative Memories, a portion of the sales from each product is being donated to support Breast Cancer Research.

Start THINKING PINK today!

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