Friday, January 6, 2012

Double Heart Border Maker RAINBOWS

I'm not sure why I saw this new cartridge for the Border Maker system and thought rainbows.  Maybe because I've been crocheting.  Maybe because I LOVE all the rainbow inspiration on the Attic24 blog and the Day to Day blog I follow.  But, I installed this cartrige in my border maker system (currently on backorder until FEBRUARY due to the popularity of this tool) and pulled out my scrapbook paper and tuned into ROYGBIV (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet - if you didn't learn this as a kid).

By the way - the bordermaker system is on backorder, but the new cartridges are available.  So if you already own the tool - you're good to go.

Get the cartridge here. 

The double heart border cartridge lends itself to all sorts of mix and match.

Here are some tips:

  • It doesn't work so well with the thinner, printed paper from cM (shame on cM) so punch two pieces of the thinner paper at the same time to solve the problem.

  • Root around in the scraps that fall out of your cartridge when cutting, cute little perfect hearts will be floating around in the trash, pull them out.

  • After you punch, consider, paper behind, paper on top, cutting apart, re-combining, etc...

Here are some of my inspired ideas~

Most of these designs are self explanatory.  You can just look at them and tell how to create them.  However, the one boxed in pink heart on the second page of examples is a technique created by another consultant.  To cut a box around your bordermaker designs, load paper into your tool.  Don't punch the first place you can.  Move instead to the 2nd place you can punch.  Now punch.  Then, move one more over to the 3rd place you can punch.  Now punch.  NOW STOP!  Don't punch anymore.  Remove your border design from the bordermaker tool.  The top and bottom will already have a thin box border.  Cut the left and right side with scissors to create a box around your bordermaker design.

The boxed in design was shared in the forum on the consultant network.  Thanks for sharing!

Valentines Day is around the corner, see what you can do with this tool to create cards and designs for your own pages and cards.  Have fun and happy scrapping!  Sher

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