Friday, January 6, 2012

Nancy O'Dell LOVE

Do you LOVE the new LOVE album?  OMG - how cute is this.  I am super super thrilled with this product!  Nevermind that I have an anniversary on Valentines Day and I already have plans for this little baby - I'd find a way to use it even if I didn't!

As soon as I opened my box of January new Creative Memories products, I snatched up this album and its coordinating 8X8 scrapbook kit (LOVE THESE - cM keep em coming!) and pre-decorated it entirely.

Here is the album.  Click the link to purchase one (or more) from my website.

Here is the 8X8 scrapbook kit.  Click to purchase.

I have a FABULOUS lesson planned about this album, just perfect for this time of year.  I will be teaching this lesson at my workshop tonight (no worries cM folks, I'll post my ideas on the forum) but I can't discuss my great idea for the Love Album on my blog here - just in case my DH (dear Hubby) reads my blog - doubtful that he will or ever does or ever has - but there's always a first for everything!

Nonetheless, I did take photos of all my page spreads - done with a minimal amount of tools (I think I only used a tearing tool and a tape runner and it took 30 mins to decorate the whole thing).  The papers were so deliciously yummy and beautious.  I almost couldn't stand to use them.  There was one shade of a dull green in the decor that I realized I used almost none of - but most of the papers were just breathtaking.  OMG - cM can you PLEEEEASE climb on the fabric design bandwagon?  Maybe I've said this before but as a quilter and sewer, I can just picture myself wrapped up in fabric that mimics the gorgeous designs of our scrapbook paper.

If you haven't seen the album and designs in person - buy one, borrow one, find a consultant and peek at theirs - in person.

Enjoy the album (no time to edit out the carpet or get really close up on each page - maybe later - but I'm really pressed for time today and wanted to share these lessons for one of my DL who will be hosting a crop tomorrow night).

Blogger has a mind of its own when it comes to adding photos to a post and it doesn't allow me to rotate, crop or improve the images.  I usually do that in my Memory Manager software before posting on the blog - but sorry, no time today, so I hope you at least can get a feel for the album designs.  If I get reminders to do so, maybe I'll post some closeups and better photos later, but for now, this is what I've got!

Remember to check the cmc-network forum for my LOVE album idea and lesson - probably sometime this weekend.  If you don't see it soon, send me an email reminder to cmsher(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll get to it!

Happy Scrapping - Sher

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