Saturday, February 25, 2012

My LOVE album idea - Month by Month Couple Photos

I did a post a while back showing a pre-decorated copy of Nancy O'Dell's new line of LOVE products for Creative Memories.  Click here to see that post.

I used this album.  Product Image

and this 8X8 scrapbook kit to pre-decorate the album.  Product Image

It took about 45 mins and hardly any tools other than a tape runner to complete the decor.

Since my anniversary is on Valentine's Day and there are very few photos of JUST my hubby and me (mostly due to me being BEHIND the camera, not the subject of it's picture taking), I decided to use this little album as an anniversary gift with a year-long purpose.

On the title page of this album, I did a little hybrid scrapbooking using SBC 4.0 and photos of my hubby and me from previous years (the few that there are).  I printed the little hybrid as a 4X6 photo.  Though I haven't added a journaling box to the title page just yet (I gave hubby a verbal description of the album's purpose), it will explain the album's ultimate 2012 purpose.

Here is the 4X6 hybrid photo I did for the title page.

On each double page spread, I will include at least TWO photos of just me and my guy from each month of 2012 from Jan through November.  On the last page in the album will be one photo or one hybrid 4X6 from Dec 2012.

Here are the photos that went on the page spread for January (also hybrid)

And here are the photos that went on the page spread for February (again, hybrid)

Hopefully - I can keep the process up for more than one year by adding another year's worth of pages to the album (note to self:  purchase and keep a second 8X8 Love Scrapbook kit for this purpose) OR I can do the next year in a slightly different album format.

By the way - the January photos were taken on Jan 30th and 31st - it took me the whole month to get the photos!  Since I was trying to keep the album a secret so I could give it to my husband on Valentine's Day, I needed someone to take photos of us without him knowing what they were for - which turned out to be a harder task than I thought!

NOW... he can help me in making sure we get at LEAST two photos of the two of us EVERY month.  AND... we can even make sure our photos are color coordinated with the double page spread in the album since we already know what each page spread looks like.

I suggested this album idea to a few of my customers and I know at least one decided to take on the project... the ONE just happens to be the customer who is also venturing along with me trying out the Day2Day album idea!  Thanks Laura!

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