Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NEW! Power Palette - Enchanted.

I love it when Creative Memories comes out with new power palettes.  As much as I love the old ones, it's usually time to see them go and to freshen up my pages with something new.

Enchanted is - well... quite enchanting!  There's also another new Power Palette called Divine

but this post features enchanted.

First- there is a 12X12 coverset that coordinates with Enchanted - LA LA LA LOVELY it is.

Beauty - just look at this baby.

A power palette has A LOT of elements.

First - there's a designer paper pack.  Here's what that looks like. 

Usually, the designer papers in a PP are a thinner/lightweight type of paper.  The designs on each side of paper is different.  One is usually a big whole page design and the other side is a more consistent pattern.  One downside of the lightweight paper is that it doesn't always perform so well with the Creative Memories tools (sorry CM but that should NOT be the case). 

However, the designer paper in the Enchanted PP is almost the weight of cardstock.  It's also embossed with a bit of texture - gorgeous and slightly 3D...ahhhh... just what a printed paper should be. LOVE.  NOTE: cM, please make more paper this weight.

Then there's a more monochromatic paper pack.  It looks like this.

Again, in ENCHANTED, the monocolor paper is also textured.  This time the design is pressed into the paper.  The two pressed designs are leaves and dots.. SO cute and about the weight of our "card stock" which used to be called "photo mounting paper."

Next, there are photo mats and journaling boxes.  These little papers mimic the big guys and coordinate with everything.  They are JUST the right size to back photos and pre-made journaling lines are a true time saver.

Move along to the Paper ADHESIVE DIECUT Ribbon.  The paper ribbon is double sided but this new ADHESIVE ribbon is both die cut and already sticky - again, something fun and new.  There are 4 styles in different widths.

FLOWERS...love them.  Many of the power palettes come with flowers.  They just make pages and borders so - well, flowery, funky, fun, and instantly loverly!  Many different colors and sizes, combine them together, use them separately - have a blast with them.  Awesome.

Follow along, blingy stickers. I've sad before I'm not really a blingy gal.  These are subdued blingly jewels.  I added them to borders for some instant pop without feeling like too much of a fashionista.  They were quite fun.

Finish up the PP with titles and RED abc letters and you could scrap for an entire weekend with just one pack.

Product Image

Did I mention that this PP is on SALE... for a BIG SAVINGS?  I will just whisper here that EVERY PP is on sale right now... YAY.  Click here for details.  Did I mention that all digital power palettes are ALSO on sale?

Now that you've gotten a look at the elements of the Enchanted PP, make sure to check out my website for coordinating Enchanted products for PicFolios, digital, etc...  Click here to see that.  Then, type Enchanted into the search box in the upper right hand side of my webpage and drool over all that is enchanting.

YUP... I certainly DID use the enchanted pack to make borders, layouts and designs.

C'mon back to the blog tomorrow to see all of THOSE happy little doings.

YES... those of you who are attending my NSD event this weekend can check out the products and designs in PERSON...up close and personal - you will be enchanted by Enchanted.


  1. This paper is gorgeous! I'm holding a card class this month for a group of seniors. Can you give me an idea of how many cards I can make with this Power Palette (using another cardstock for the actual cards) and "Enchanted" for the decorative papers and embellishments?

  2. Hi Lisabella. This PP has 2 paper packs and also a storybox. The designer paper alone has 16 - 12X12 double sided papers and the storybox has nearly 80 papers and journal boxes. That doesn't even count the textured paper. There are 200 epoxy stickers and 64 paper flowers. A PP is a BIG package and you could make oodles of cards. Of course the amt of supplies per card will cause it to vary but there's a lot of product in this.


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