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Scrapbooking News - What's new for April 2012

Hello April.  I admit, where I live, it felt more like spring in February than it's feeling in April.  But, I don't relish high heat and added humidity so along with the cool windy temperatures outside of Philly I am not lodging any compalints against mother nature.

Digital 5panel card $1 off
However, over at Creative Memories it's definately HOT HOT HOT.  Here's why...

Digital 5panel cards and 4D book cards are $1 off EACH!


Currently ALL OF OUR DIGITAL SOFTWARE is on SALE!!! YAY! 35% discount.  Yes THIRTY FIVE percent off of Memory Manager and Storybook Creator (including the upgrade versions if you just need to upgrade).  This sale is going on for the ENTIRE month of April.  Click HERE and also HERE for more digital sale info. Click HERE TO PURCHASE.

Power® Palette Sale – March 1-31
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ALSO:  There's a new SCRAPBOOKER SET - a total traditional package with a few new items even I can't get!  It includes a NEW Tangerine colored coverset (due out in July) and a new toolkit (pictured on the bottom right side of the set) with multipurpose tools, scissors, tweezers etc (due out in May).

Click here to see the full details of this special set and/or to order it today.

Product Image

There's also a DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKER SET - a total digital package, priced just right with EVERYTHING you need to go digital. 

Click here to see the full details of this special digital set and order it today.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better for April, here comes 50 yes! FIFTY new digital scrapbooking packages and artwork.  AND... if you use MAC, or Photoshop or another digital scrapbook software, you can now buy UNIVESAL DIGITAL ART for use with ANY digital software package.  Read more about Creative Memories Universal Digital Artwork here.  Check out some of the new packages below.

Wrestling Digital Additions for StoryBook CreatorGrunge Graduation Digital Kit for StoryBook Creator
Garden Blessings Digital Kit for StoryBook CreatorDowntown Digital Kit for StoryBook Creator

Wanna see the list of NEW stuff this month?

NEW PDFs this month! (Note: the PDFs below will also be displayed in their respective categories. We've simply grouped the new items for this month in this section to make them easier for you to find.)
Bunny Hop Digital Alpha Set (PDF)
Bunny Hop Digital Kit (PDF)
Butterfly Kisses Digital Alpha Set (PDF)
Butterfly Kisses Digital Kit (PDF)
Celebration Digital Alpha Set (PDF)
Cheerful Birthday Digital Additions (PDF)
Cheerful Digital Overlays (PDF)
Cheerful Digital Power® Palette (PDF)
Cheerful Valentine Digital Addition (PDF)
Classic Cats and Dogs Digital Embellishments (PDF)
Classic Celebration Digital Embellishments (PDF)
Classic Easter Digital Embellishments (PDF)
Classic Farm Digital Embellishments (PDF)
Click and Fill Baby 11x8.5 Digital Pages (PDF)
Click and Fill Baby 12x12 Digital Pages (PDF)
Color Vibe Digital Kit (PDF) Rewards Club Exclusive
Cycling 12x12 Page Print Templates (PDF)
Destinations Digital Kit (PDF)
Divine Digital Power Palette (PDF)
Downtown Digital Kit (PDF)
Enchanted Digital Power Palette (PDF)
Fabulous Digital Power® Palette (PDF)
Family Life Digital Kit (PDF)
Family Man Digital Kit (PDF)
Father's Day Digital Card Kit (PDF)
Flower Digital Embellishment Duos (PDF)
Flower Pattern Digital Overlays (PDF)
Garden Blessing Digital Kit (PDF)
Gentle Baby 11x8.5 Digital Predesigned Pages (PDF)
Gentle Baby 12x12 Digital Predesigned Pages (PDF)
Golf 12x12 Page Print Templates (PDF)
Grunge Graduation Digital Alpha Set (PDF)
Grunge Graduation Digital Kit (PDF)
LaCrosse 12x12 Page Print Templates (PDF)
Lovely Alpha Set (PDF)
Mother’s Day Digital Card Kit (PDF)
Oh Baby Boy Digital Kit (PDF)
Oh Baby Girl Digital Kit (PDF)
Once Upon A Time Digital Kit (PDF)
Once Upon A Time Digital Alpha Set (PDF)
Pretty n’ Paisley Digital Alpha Set (PDF)
Reflections Digital Overlays (PDF)
Reminisce Digital Overlays (PDF)
Reminisce Digital Power® Palette (PDF)
Rugby 12x12 Page Print Templates (PDF)
Rugby Digital Additions (PDF)
Rugged Digital Power® Palette (PDF)
Simple Baby 8x12 Calendar Predesigned Pages (PDF)
Simple Baby 12x18 Calendar Predesigned Pages (PDF)
Simple Baby Boy 11x8.5 Digital Predesigned Pages (PDF)
Simple Baby Boy 12x12 Digital Predesigned Pages (PDF)
Simple Baby Girl 11x8.5 Digital Predesigned Pages (PDF)
Simple Baby Girl 12x12 Digital Predesigned Pages (PDF)
Simple Digital Embellishment Duos (PDF)
Skiing 12x12 Page Print Templates (PDF)
Soccer 12x12 Page Print Templates (PDF)
Sophisticate Digital Alpha Set (PDF)
Spring 11x8.5 Digital Predesigned Pages (PDF)
Spring 12x12 Digital Predesigned Pages (PDF)
Star Digital Embellishment Duos (PDF)
Sweet Spring Baby Digital Kit (PDF)
Take It Easy Digital Alpha Set (PDF)
Take It Easy Digital Kit (PDF)
Tennis 12x12 Page Print Templates (PDF)
Track & Field 12x12 Page Print Templates (PDF)
Truly, Madly, Deeply Digital Kit (PDF)
Wrestling 12x12 Page Print Templates (PDF)
Wrestling Digital Additions (PDF)

Don't forget.  EVERY one of our digital packages has a pdf file showing the total details and big photo of the package.  It's located in the Help Zone area of my website.  It's categorized and organized and even has a "what's new" section to highlight the newest products.  Go here to visit the digital artwork help zone.

Are you a rewards club member?  If you aren't, learn about it here...
As a club member, you get discounts and earn 15% on every item you buy.  AND, exclusive products are available to you.  Check out this new selection:

12X12 Color Vibe Stack Pack (available for digital too)

So GET EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT... shop Creative Memories TODAY!

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