Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Food Table Labels

At my son's graduation party, we had a lot of guests attend who had special dietary restrictions.  We wanted to make sure the vegtarians and vegans knew which food would be right for them.  SO... I used SBC 4.0 to make some food table labels.

I also wanted the labels to be simple and duplicatable and super inexpensive - not to mention that I hoped they would follow my red and gold color scheme.

To create the labels, I used the same storybook project as the Spenser head cupcake toppers.  I inserted another blank page.  This time, I used a shape from the basic shapes package - it was a rounded corner rectangle.  I colored it red, copied and pasted it, dragged the handle bars to change the size of the shape and changed the color.

Inside the double shape I added a text box and filled it with the name of the dish.

I spaced the rectangle shapes so that I could fit several on a page.  I added dashed lines to determine where I would cut when I printed the page.  I duplicated this page and changed the names of the dishes two more times to make sure I had a label for each dish I was serving.

I printed the page on white card stock and cut the labels apart.  I then folded them in half and stood them in front of each dish on the table.  My vegan relatives were thankful that they knew exactly what to eat!

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