Saturday, August 18, 2012

Instagram It - SBC Style

Instagram.  When you hear that word do you picture the little icon on your smartphone? Or do you not have ANY clue what I'm referring to?  Well, don't despair.  Whether you LOVE Instagram or have no idea what it is, this lesson has a lot of fun things to try.  This lesson is specifically a digital scrapbooking lesson.

I recently returned from vacation.  We go to the same place EVERY year.  That's something I have a love/hate relationship with.  I love re-living the annual traditions but I hate that I can only afford the time and money for one vacation when there are so many places I'd like to explore.

Our vacay-spot is a no frills little strip of beach in the extreme southeast of North Carolina.   There is no boardwalk, there are no carnival rides or arcade games.  There are a few restaurants.  There are no lifeguards perched on tall wooden stands (tho. we do bring my teenagers who ARE lifeguards), no one tells you where the rip tides are and you don't have to fight for a spot on the sand.  We rent two houses and a pile of relatives fit inside them.  The beach is in the front yard of one of the houses, the other house is across a small street from the first and the inter-coastal waterway is behind that house.  The sun sets over the waterway, not over the shore.  Activities are family based:  family dinners, game nights, body-surfing contests, building in the sand, etc... My teenagers do not complain.  They love it.

This year, there were more smartphones.  Mostly iPhones and then one droid.  Two of the iPhone users were brand new to iPhone, so instructions were offered, favorite apps were shared and a LOT of photos were taken with NOT just point-and-shoot or SLRs but also with phone cameras.  Much of what we did that week went instantly to Facebook with the Instagram program.  It was a lot of fun.

My daughter was one of the new iPhone owners and she had a blast with Instagram.  She has a great ability taking photos with her phone whereas I'm better w/ my digital SLR.  Here are some snapshots from our week, insta-style.

When I returned home and started importing my beach photos into Memory Manager, I loved the look of the funky filters and faded squares of the Instagram shots.  It got me thinking about how Instagram fits in with my objective of creating pages, albums and stories about the photos I take and I realized that it definitely has its place.  I also started thinking about how easy it would be to make my photos look like they were Instagrammed (is that an official verb yet like google has become?) using SBC.

I started playing around with my beach photos in Storybook 4.0 and I discovered I wanted to share these ideas with other digital scrapbookers and see what they thought.  So thus, the lesson Instagram It - SBC Style was born.  I've included the pages of 6-page pdf handout I created for the lesson here in the blog.  You can click on them separately to open them in a new window and see them bigger.

I am also offering the handout for FREE to anyone who'd like to use the methods I show in this lesson with their customers.  Wouldn't this be a fun lesson to teach at Croptoberfest this fall, when everyone shows up ready to play around with their vacation photos?  If you'd like a free pdf handout of this lesson, contact me at cmsher (at) gmail (dot) com to request it.

I am including ONE free png file for the lesson on page 6 of the handout.

Here are the lesson pages.

Happy Digi-scrapping and Enjoy! Sher

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