Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Secrets About Creative Memories iPhone Products!

Dreading TAX DAY?  Not anymore - think of it as LAUNCH DAY for...

NEW! iPhone Case coming soon (yes, really!) 

Available for iPhone 4, 4s or 5, Creative Memories’ new iPhone Cases put the “fun” in functional. You can protect your phones while showcasing favorite photos, phrases or designs.

Choose from pre-designed templates, or create your own custom design using StoryBook Creator 4.0 Software. Each order includes a plastic case that snaps around your phone and a custom printed metal insert panel. Best of all, and unique to Creative Memories, you can order additional Insert Panels without having to order the entire case.

• The retail price for one Case and Insert Panel is $29.95.
• Extra Insert Panels are $12.95.
• Beginning April 15, iPhone Cases will be available to order on the Digital Center. Product credits will be sold on my personal website: www.mycmsite.com/sjenkins

April 15 is right around the corner!

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