Monday, March 25, 2013

Storybook for Your Soul

I would say that I'm a glass half empty kinda gal.

If you don't know me very well, I may have fooled you into thinking I more likely the half full type - but alas, I'm not.  My husband would be happy to explain to you that his glass is brimming over while mine is basically empty.  So, it takes all types of personalities to make the world go round, and I just happen to represent the less optimistic of those types.

Nonetheless, there are a few things I do - little things, just to sway my soul down the road towards positive pleasantries...  ONE is, I follow LIFE IS GOOD on Facebook.  I ADORE the happy little pictures I get on my facebook wall most days.  TWO, I try to surround myself with people who are more positive than myself (really, that's not hard to do, it's basically EVERYONE ELSE!).  And THREE, I use Storybook Creator to make little signs to hang around the house for myself to try to improve my "frame" of mind.

Here's a little reminder I made for myself about Running.

You see, I am a runner.  I can say that because for most months of the year I run about 3 times per week.  I don't run very far OR very fast, but I leave my house in running gear and I jog down the road at a pace that is definitely faster than a walk, albeit not much.

I've been a runner for about 3 years.  I run with a running group. It's called "Runstrong."  I have a running coach - who is no less than AWESOME!

JoAnn - is my running coach!

I have a group of gals to run with (currently, our group has 32 runners, a HUGE amount).  The gals in my group come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  They run all sorts of races, some win the races, some barely make it to the finish line (or maybe that's just me).  Some race short distances, 5Ks, 2 milers, others run mid-range races, 10Ks and 10milers, yet others run half and full marathons.  Some runners are "beginners."  Beginners are usually running their first 10week session.  Some have NEVER run before in their lives.  Some start out not able to even make it to the stop sign at the end of the block, but eventually, the beginners can run for 30 straight minutes and then they join the 30 minute club.

Running with "Team Carol" at the Reindeer Romp
At the beginning of a session I'm faster than the beginners, but eventually, most of them pass me up.  I have suffered a bevy of pains and injuries, but even when I'm totally healthy I'm still TOTALLY slow.  I have no idea why I find running so hard.  It's a constant challenge for me.  If I didn't have the running group I would have quit LONG before now.  I love the accountability and moral support.  I love the workouts AFTER the run, full of plank holds and hellish squats and pushups, etc.  I don't just love it, in fact I need it.  I'd never gear up and go out without it.  But some days I just hate running all together.

I hate hills.  I go so slow on hills that I'm not even sure I'm running sometimes.  It's ridiculous   I watch my feet go plod plod plod on the pavement and I gasp at them, "Are you even moving feet? What are you doing? Go Go Go!"

The dreaded hill is on the course I ran this day.

Tomorrow I am running my most hated hill in the neighborhood.  Definitely not the hardest hill but surely the one that has my number!  So today, Storybook Creator helped me to make a little card.  I will print it and hang it around the house - it's my story.  My running story.  SBC will hopefully help me make it up that hill tomorrow.  Thank you Storybook Creator.  Is there nothing you can't do?

After a humid run that required a camelback water backpack to survive!

Before my first and only 10K race, very hot weather with lots of unexpected HILLS
After a run in the POURING rain (I do love running in the rain)

The reason the hills on the 10K probably caused me so much pain - STRESS FRACTURE!

Do you ever use your Digital Scrapbooking Software to improve your attitude?  Do you have a RUNNING story? Well - share it with me, I'd love to hear.

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  1. AWESOME Sher!! Thanks for sharing and for your inspiration!! Keep on running!!


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