Friday, February 11, 2011

Double Duty Valentine Gifts

Scrapbook tools and supplies don't have to be JUST for photo albums.  Once you own a good quality tool, the sky is the limit!  With some Creative Memories Card Stock and a few of our new tools, you can create an inexpensive Valentines gift for your main squeeze, your kids or whomever you wish to celebrate with a little extra LOVE this coming Monday.

First, decorate some store bought candy bars with a new Valentines covering.  These are done traditionally with paper and tools.

Then, make a few tags.  There is NOTHING like the Creative Memories Tag Maker to spruce up a gift in a jiffy.  My tags feature hand-stitching (with a dual tip pen - fat side) and a "conversation" heart message.  I also used the Lovestruck Border Maker to add a little bling to the bottom of the tag.  I backed the tag with a darker shade of card stock so the punched border hearts show through.

I used a white paper lunch sack (from an paper bag igloo project I made with the kids about 10 years ago!) to hold my chocolate goodies.  Of course don't just use a plain paper bag - give it a little bling with the NEW Creative Memoies Doodle Templates (Flowers and Swirls).  The doodling templates and many of the other Creative Memories tools can be purchased HERE.

Finally, put the candy bars into the bag, punch some holes in the top.  Pull a piece of yarn (I used a crochet hook to pull it) through the punched holes and tie a bow.  Attach the tags onto the ends of the yarn.  VOILA!  A toughtful gift, fast, easy, cheap - oh yeah, and YUMMY!

Happy Valentine's Day - I'll be making some of these for my kids and spending Valentine's Day evening with my lovely hubby.  It just so happens that THIS Valentines Day marks 22 years of marriage for us.

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