Monday, May 16, 2011

CM Virtual Digital NSD

Creative Memories Go Digital is a FB page.  It is run by Creative Memories headquarters.  This past weekend they ran a Virtual National Scrapbook Day event - THERE WAS A LOT THERE!  There were some great lessons, a bunch of challenges, and more digital embellishment FREEBIES than you can imagine.  If you visit the FB page, all of the these lessons, tutorials and events will still be there for some time.  Make sure to visit.  Although I have watched all the lessons, I am just starting to work my way through them.  Since I'm currently creating a digital album of my son's years in high school, I am taking advantage of these lessons and putting them into practice right away, page by page.

Last night I played with a technique for making folded flowers.  One page has a few typos because it was WAY later than I had planned to be up digitally scrapbooking.  I will correct the typos - no worries.  However, I thought I'd share my two folded flowers pages.  Give them a try and see what you can come up with.

I'll be posting any pages I make from my Virtual NSD lessons.  Happy Digi Scrapping!

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