Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Tennis Page and Phantom Letters

Here is the tennis page I made with my Storybook Creator PLUS 3.0 software package.

One of the techniques I used was "phantom letters."  To create the phantom letters, I create a title (this time I used Fancy Text with the simple alpha set).  The simple alpha set places the letters too close together, so I ungrouped the word and separated the letters a bit.  Then I re-grouped them and flattened them.  I made the letters the same color as the background paper.  I also added a black glow and a heavy shadow.

Another technique I used was the page border.  The RED rectangle is actually a background.  I used the red paper from the Cheerful Digital Power Palette and changed the hue of the red to match the boys hats in the photo.  I then used the ADD TO PAGE option to add a large square of yellow paper - also from the Cheerful PP.  I selected the yellow paper, went to the CUT AND FILL ribbon and cut a "rectangle" which I formatted to a square shape and re-sized to cover all but the very edge of the yellow paper.  I chose the "erase the shaded area" option and cut the big square from the yellow paper, leaving only the yellow border.

The tennis ball border is something I created.  If you look back one post on my blog, you'll find a FREE png file that you can use.  To add the tennis ball border to your storybook content, click on the border, select "save picture as" and save it to the folder where you store your digital png files or your user content. 

If you need additional assistance with any of these techniques, don't hesitate to ask.  You can share this post with friend, you can comment on the blog if you like it, you can become a follower of my blog or recommend my blog to friends.  THANKS - and Happy Scrapping!

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