Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Hybrid LOVE - complete.

Remember my Album of Love 2012 project?  I mentioned it HERE and HERE.  Well... all of my photo pages are now complete!

This project was a hybrid one.  I made little 4X6 custom digital scrapbook pages.  I am SO pleased with how they turned out.  I loved making some tiny mini digital pages in SBC4.0 and I loved having such a small parameter of photos to work with - it made the project so easy.

I look back at my photos and I am THRILLED that I have so many of my hubby and me from this year.  I cannot WAIT to succeed with another LOVE project for 2013.  Hmmm... It's halfway through January and I don't think I have any Jan photos yet - better get right on track.

In one of my previous blog posts, I showed all the pre-decorated album pages and I also showed my Jan and Feb mini digital photo pages added to the album.  Here are the photos for March through December that I will use to complete the album.

I think I will start the 2013 album with a collage page of my 2012 photos! How much fun.

I can't wait to order the photos and put them in the album.  By the way, since the album was pre-decorated, I already knew the colors on each double page spread.  As I made the digital 4X6 mini photo pages, I used the same digital kit to coordinate the colors.  Here goes...2 per month.  Enjoy.









 NOV (and bonus DEC)


 If you are planning to do a LOVE album - of any type with MONTHLY photos of you and your honey... I'd love to hear about it!

Happy LOVE scrapping - Sher

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  1. This is such a fun concept! I liked it the last time I read about it, this time I am going to just have to start taking pictures! Tonight will be the first one! As soon as my son comes over!!!
    I offered this to my friends and I'll let you know if anyone is going to work on it too!
    Thanks for the inspiration of this project!!!


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