Monday, August 8, 2011

Memory Manager Mondays

Do you ever feel that although you LOVE the organization features in Creative Memories Memory Manager software, you are constantly falling behind in doing your part when it comes to keeping your photos organized?


I've decided to start Memory Manager Mondays.  Each Monday, I'll let you know what I did with Memory Manager.  Consider dedicating just a part of your Monday to managing your photos.  Whether you need to offload photos from your camera card, run a backup, update your shadow copy, edit or journal a few photos or do a PURGE from your folders... set aside a block of time to spend as a memory manager!

Some of you may only be able to dedicate 15 minutes to this task, others of you may be able to dedicate more time.

I am not going to set a specific amount of time for myself but I am going to make an attempt to do at least something to manage my memories on Mondays.

This week I:  copied all of my photos from 2 camera cards to both windows folders and my Memory Manager memory vault.  I backup BOTH the windows folders and the Memory Vault to an External Hard Drive.  I then delete the windows folders from my laptop hard drive to conserve space.

I also ran a backup and a shadow update on my Memory Vault.

I went through all of my sort boxes and folders to make sure they were organized in the way that works best for me.

Next week I hope to begin a major PURGE... I will go folder by folder and delete any bad photos, duplicates I don't need, blurry photos, etc... so that I don't have SO much to manage.

If you would like to set aside a portion of your Monday to Manage your Memories... leave a comment below this post.  Each week, let us know what you did with your photos to better organize them.

If you are a MAC user and you use iPhoto instead of Memory Manager, you are welcome to join us.  If you have discovered any great tips or tricks or bits of advice to share with us about managing your photos, let us know - use the comments section below the Monday posts!

Here's to getting organized!  Happy Sorting, Sher

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  1. Love your Monday idea and will be starting my Memory Manager Mondays this coming Monday!!! Thanks so much!


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