Thursday, August 18, 2011

Share Sher at Showcase!

If you are a Creative Memories consultant you are either AT the national Showcase convention in Minneapolis or you wish you were... Creative Memories is offering a VIRTUAL SHOWCASE via facebook.  It's open to both consultants and customers of cM.  You can link to the FB showcase by clicking on the words in this paragraph.

I earned a FREE showcase registration and an additional $200 in Showcase travel cash from Creative Memories but commitments here at home made me unable to attend this year - frown face.

So, you - my faithful followers - can take me to Showcase with you!  Here's how:

One of the things I love about attending Showcase conventions is meeting consultants from near and far and making new cM friends and connections.  I know you'll have a chance to do this in the Market Place lines and at the meal tables (at Showcase I always tried to sit at a table of folks I didn't know to broaden my abilities to meet people and get cM info, tips and tricks for my biz).

So, if you meet someone who doesn't know about my blog, tell them about it.  Help them complete the steps to become a follower.   Send me an email about every person who YOU get to sign on as a follower at SherYourScraps because of Showcase. 

Each person who follows because you shared my blog with them will give you ONE TICKET in a special drawing for some exclusive PNG files I have put together for use with your Storybook Creator PLUS software (aka embellishments).

Are you up for the task?  Each time you get someone to follow, send an email to:  Put "I got one at Showcase" in the subject.  Put YOUR follower name and email address in the message text AND put the follower name of the person you got to follow in the text of the message also.

I'll have the drawing at the end of the convention and send an email of png files to the winner!

Can't wait to hear all the Showcase news!  Do Tell....

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