Monday, August 1, 2011

Digital Scoreboard Alphabet Letters with Handout

Did you ever dream of seeing your name in lights?  Well, now you can - by using Digital Scoreboard Alphabet Letters on your album page.  I was inspired to create these digital scoreboard alphabet letters when I saw Kim Mannino's pixels2pages challenge #65 about using the glow feature in Storybook Creator PLUS to make NEON LIGHTS Titles!

I was long overdue in creating  pages for my son's starring role in the Summer Stage play from 2010.  I envisioned a page with his name in lights.  After watching the Phillies win a 3-game streak over the Pittsburgh Pirates, the digital scoreboard gave me the idea to make Digital Scoreboard Alphabet letters using the tools and features of Creative Memories awesome digital scrapbook software Storybook Creator PLUS 3.0.

Here's the page I made to start off the album for my son's experience on stage last summer.

I thought the Digital Scoreboard Alphabet letters were so much fun that I created a handout and directions so you could make your own name in lights.  If you are a public follower of my blog, you can request a copy of this handout for your own personal use.  Just contact me HERE and let me know the name you are using the follow my blog and request the "Digital Scoreboard Alphabet Handout."

Please feel free to share any pages you make using this technique on my facebook fan page.  Click HERE to go to the fan page.  My fan page on facebook is for relaying and celebrating anything about the posts on either of my blogs.  In addition to this scrapbook blog, I have a craft blog.  You can visit me at my FLY THE COOP CRAFTS blog too!  Happy Digi Scrapping!

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