Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Croptober Design Board: DREAM

This post covers the second half of Lesson #2 that I taught at my Croptoberfest this year.  If you've missed the previous posts about my event, scroll back.  There are about 5 or 6 posts thus far and plenty more to come.

For Lesson #2, I challenged my customers to create something on a traditional or digital page that was inspired by any of the design boards I made.  This set of designs features the Dream Paper Pack which supports the Make a Wish foundation (thank you to the attendees at my event who donated!).  Also, the Dream Dual Layer Stickers - awesome, supports MaW, and the sparkle pocket punch (again, supports MaW).

Product ImageProduct Image

Product Image

First I had to answer the question posed by my customers - what do you use these products for?  Well - any DREAM will do!  Is it a dream you have for your kids, a dream THEY have? A dream you have for yourself, your business, your future, the planet, a cause?

The dream colors are cool and bright. . . like a bright idea.  What bright ideas do you have?

To start my designs, I first created some 12X12 album page layouts.  Here they are.

On this page, I added a circle of dream paper to the hot air balloon to include another photo on the page rather than the journaling box it was originally.  I also removed the outer frame from the diecut journaling box at the top and cut out an oval from the lined portion.  Then I re-mounted it on a paper I liked better.  This page is all shades of blue and could suit many page themes.  There is plenty of room to add additional photos to this page.
This paper was like a big sheet of notebook paper, I didn't like the ripped look of the perforated holed on the left hand side, so I added another strip of paper over top of it leaving only the lined paper.  I added a bright yellow photo mat to add a photo of a future dream.  I left the journaling lines from the notebook paper to tell the story of the photo and the dream!  My personal dream would be going to Croatia for my 25th anniversary so that's what I'd use this page to depict.

I love how the brown paper blends well with the super bright yellow paper to kind of ground it.

I liked the giant die cut balloon but thought it didn't leave enough room on the paper for photos, so I cut a circle into the balloon die cut.  I'd put a photo behind the circle.

It's hard to see in this photo (bad lighting day - ugh), but the white paper actually contains some really cool, shiny clouds.  It reminded me of looking out a window to the clouds.  I'd use this page to show a window to my dreams.  There are four spaces in the window panes that could contain either photos or journaling or both!
I couldn't bring myself to cut this piece of paper.  It was my favorite in the pack and I decided to save it for a special page.  Or at least allow someone else to do their own thing with it.  My dream designs were one of my prize drawings at my event!
Next it was on to the borders.  Still love to make borders.  Love to make 'em and tuck them away for just the perfect page occasion.

I incorporated at few pinwheels into these borders.  Pinwheels were lesson 1 that I taught at my event.  Scroll back a bit to see how easy it is to make pinwheels to add a bit of fun dimension to your page.  I also added some punched sparkles to my bottom border.  I love to showcase the papers in a pack by doing these borders of lined up squares.  These are 2" squares, 6 of them make a 12" border.
These last borders are great for using 1" strips.  2-1" strips of double sided paper can be cut in half and then each side of the paper lined up patchwork style.  Add a few diecuts or layered stickers and you have an easy border.
Also on the the bottom border, don't forget about the TWINKLE chain cartridge for the border maker.  I cut one 12" twinkle and then cut it up and bit and flipped the middle piece to the other side of the paper to get a multi color twinkle.

The dream designs really stood out when they were mounted on black foam.  That black square in the middle of the display was where I titled the board and added the products and tools used to make them!
So go DREAM up what you can do with our newest Make a Wish designs.
Happy Croptober Scrapping - Sher

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