Monday, October 15, 2012

Croptoberfest Feature - Lila

Okay Ladies - hear this!  You are never too young or have too many children to attend a workshop!  And, Lila's here to prove it.  At only 7weeks old, Lila has made her debut at a workshop.

Lila is the 3rd child of my customer, Beth.  Beth does not let pregnancy or lots of little ones afoot stand in the way of her family albums.  At 9months pregnant, Beth was at my August workshop.  With 7week old Lila in tow for just a portion of the event, Beth attended the entire Croptoberfest weekend!

Lila didn't sleep much cuz she was very curious about cropping!
However, until Kristen showed up and Lila smiled and cooed at her, Laura was Lila's favorite.  A little rocking back and forth in the kitchen and Laura had Lila snoozing away.

I met Beth when her first child, Logan was only a few months old.  She attended a scrapbook class at the local adult school where I was teaching.  A few years later, Riley came along and he attended a few workshops with his mom...

Riley and Beth 2009

Then Saturday, Lila decided to have an outing for the Saturday afternoon portion of the weekend event and let me tell you - that girl can crop a photo!  Personal trimmers are no trouble for her.

Beth and Lila 2012

Don't hesitate to ask a pregnant mom or a mom with a 7week old baby to attend a workshop - what do you know, they just might come!

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