Sunday, October 14, 2012

Croptoberfest 2012 Revealed (first of many)

This weekend was Croptoberfest in the SherYourScraps world.  The event was held at my house and it lasted two days.  I will be sharing all the details.  First up - overview.

Six Lessons (inspired by the virtual Croptoberfest - thanks to cM):
Lesson 1 - Pinwheels
Lesson 2 - Design Boards (Hocus Pocus and Dream)
Lesson 3 - Ink Letters
Lesson 4 - Starburst
Lesson 5 - Magazine Inspiration
Lesson 6 - Poloroid Perfection

Yummy Food (recipes)
I'll be sharing a few of the Croptoberfest Recipes on my other blog: Fly the Coop Crafts.
Recipe 1 - Pumpkin Dip
Recipe 2 - Caramel Oatmeal Chocolate Bars
Recipe 3 - Banana Chocolate Chip Cake
Recipe 4 - Tortilini Dip

Close Ups:
Photo Montage
Hocus Pocus Designs
Dream Designs

Stay Tuned for more photos, details etc... signup on my blog to follow by email so you don't miss a post!  Happy Scrapping - Sher

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