Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dynamically Digital Holiday

Christmas at my house brought a lot of crochet.  Read my Christmas Crochet post on my other blog by clicking here.  But, Christmas brought an equal amount of digital gifts.

The first digital gift is a storybook.

I also made several wall prints.  I made a family wallprint for each of my kids.

Here's what the print looked like:

I made a really cool poster for my nephew and my niece.  These were two of my favorite digital gifts.

Storybooks, Wallprints, is there more? Yup. Custom Album Cover.

Don't stop yet, there's more: MUGS!

Each of my 3 boys got a mug and I made one each for my parents too.  Here's how my kids' Kronum mugs looked:
And here's how my parents' mug design looked.

That is not the end to the digital gifts... I made two calendars.  I made an 8X12 calendar all about our dog.  I made a 12X18 calendar for my husband to take to his office.

Here are a few pages from those two calendars:


There is no end to what can be done with Storybook Creator software to create beautiful gifts for everyone on your list and not just for Christmas but for any holiday.

Happy Digi-Scrapping!  Sher

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