Saturday, December 22, 2012

Elf Place Marker for Holiday Table

If Santa place markers are NOT your style - try an ELF! 

Isn't this cute?  I LOVE IT!  And, the fact that my sister is so cute doesn't hurt, right?

there isn't a step by step photo tutorial for this place marker, but I did write up some measurements and instructions below.

1.  Find a photo (black and white or color but I personally think black and white is the way to go), or use Storybook Creator to create some that are JUST the right size for this project.  The photo should have someone's face (preferably someone who will be sitting at your holiday table).  The face should be approximately 1" wide and 1.5 to 1.75" high from chin to forehead for best results.   At tilted head is a good effect too...

2.  Using your tag maker, cut a tag shape from the photo as shown in sample.

3.  Create an elf hat.  Cut a random triangle out of any green cardstock.  My triangle is 1.25" high and 1" wide at the base.  Attach the hat appropriately on the person's head with tape runner.

4.  Tear a strip white cardstock measuring 1" by 1/4" (the long sides) at attach it to the base of the hat triangle.

5.  Punch a piece of cardstock (any punch you like) or use another embellishment to decorate the top fo the elf hat.

6.  Attach the elf hat tag to a piece of folded green cardstock (match the green in the hat if possible).  My cardstock was 3X5" and I scored and folded it on the 2.5" measurement of the 5" side.

NOTE:  I added a thin strip of black paper across the bottom for an added bit of decoration.  It was 1/4" thick and 3" wide.

7.  Of course, don't fogret to add someone's name to the place marker so they know where to sit! 

Enjoy, and stay tuned for some holiday traditional and digital bunting tutorials...tho. I'm not sure when I'll get to those.  It might have to be later today when I need a break from cleaning!

AND... I have some super awesome borders made with the Be Merry and Nordic paper collections!  I'll be posting those as well.

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