Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa Place Marker

I've been absent but BUSY making.  Want some last minute ideas for holiday table decorating?  Well, here is a Santa place marker that is sure to be a fabulous accompaniment to the santa flatware holder that I blogged about HERE.

See it there in the upper left hand corner of my mini tablescape?
If you'd like to make some Santas of your own, here's how.  A photo tutorial follows:
1.  Cut a rectangle from a piece of cardstock or decorative paper.  The cardstock should be any color you envision Santa's face.  You can use up a lot of scraps of paper if you opt to have many shades of Santas at your table.  In the completed image shown, Santa has a totally powder white face, but in the sample you will see me make, I've chosen a more multi-cultural Santa face.  Cut the rectangle 2.25" X 3.5"

2.  Next, cut a piece of decorative paper (one side white) or white cardstock 2.5" wide.  Length doesn't really matter here.  Then, hand tear the paper into thin, uneven strips.

3.  Attach the strips to the rectangle face with tape runner.  Over lap two strips at the top of the face piece and three strips at the bottom of the face piece.  The top pieces act as the fluff of Santa's hat, the lower pieces are his beard (I know you got that before I said it).
4.  Use the personal trimmer to even off the torn paper with the rectangle face.
5.  Cut a strip of red paper that is 1" by 3.25"  Attach the red strip to the top of the Santa face above the torn paper strips.  Align the red strip with the left side of the Santa face leaving the right side of the strip hanging off, aka a long red hat tail.
6.  Embellish the end of his hat with anything.  In the original sample I used one punch (twinkle pocket punch - can't remember the name of that one).  In the new sample I've doubled the hat pom pon.  You really could use ANYTHING at the end of the hat that suited you.
7.  Add a nose - again, use your imagination.  Anything can be a nose.  AND it doesn't have to be red, tho. of course Santa is WAY stressed out at the idea of wrapping and delivering all those gifts so he's had a drop of mulled wine to comfort him - it gives him a perennial red nose - at least that's the case for any Santas I know (including THIS Santa Mom!).  Pick a nose that suits you in a color you like based on YOUR Santa's personality and attach it with tape runner just above the torn beard strips.  My first sample has a snowflake nose, my second has.... did you figure it out?  A CAR!  Okay, now that is thinking outside the box.  Be brave people, a car can be a nose.  It's OK.
8.  Now, here's the tricky part (not really).  Use a fine tip pen (color choice yours), and draw him some little eyes.  You could also punch some really tiny circles with a hole punch and use a glue pen to attach, but I thought the drawing was easier.
9.  Add someone's name to the red hat brim with a journaling marker or some really small (retired) ABC stickers (pen is much faster - don't stress out).
10.  Make him stand up.  Either cut a piece of cardstock and fold it into a tent card and attach Santa.  OR... do what I did and cut a little strip of paper (ANY PAPER) 2-1/8" by 1/2" and tape it to the lower back of the Santa.  Only put tape on the outside edges of the paper.  Then attach it to the back.  Use a binder clip (not a teeny one) and put one side of the metal clasp through the paper strip.  Then close the two metal clasps and slide Santa down to cover the base of the binder clip.  He will now stand on your table in his proper place.  Get your kids to help you make a bunch of these or find some bored teenager and put them in charge of this project.  My kids loved helping with the table but they also loved helping when I said, "Here, make a bunch of these, like this... have fun!" and I provided all the tools and supplies they needed.
Okay, so even though this is the all time cutest little Santa decoration and you are SO happy that you have been able to put him together so easily, DO NOT LICK HIM (@Genevieve, insider Creative Memories consultant joke) - remember you are putting this at someones place setting and they will NOT appreciate the fact that his is licked.  And by the way, I am NOT one of the people who like the licking thing, it's kinda gross and overused at this point, but hey - whether you lick your cm products and paper Santas is up to you... whether you don't get it or think it's hilarious, it's all good, it doesn't bother me either way.  Bottom line, enjoy your cM products and all the fabulous things you make make with them.  And enjoy all the fabulous "open the box" ideas you get from cM's consultant videos!
AND... stay tuned... doing an elf table for Christmas?  I've got the CUTEST little elf place marker for you.  Coming soon, I know, I'm running out of time before Christmas, hang in there with me, I'm posting on my blog and I'm supposed to be cleaning the house!

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