Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Did you or any of your customers purchase the Nodic Paper Collection from Creative Memories at a holiday sale or open house? 

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Get them here.

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Paper Pack HERE.

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Dual Layered Stickers HERE.
What did you make with it?  Have you take a lot of Christmas photos that you plan to add to your traditional scrapbook albums?  If so, here are few borders and other designs for you to make using the Nordic products.

Border #1 - at the top is called squared off scraps.  I took lots of little nordic scraps and cut them into squares and rectangles of varying sizes.  I attached them to the border strip overlapping one another and then added stickers and other embellishments.  It's a super easy and measurment free border.
Border #2 (3rd one down on the board) is christmas bulbs.  Cut a circle out of random papers with the 1.5" circle maker or the custom cutting system.  Attach the circles to a border strip.  To make the tops of the bulbs, cut a 1/2" strip of nordic paper.  Cut the strip into random width rectangles.  Then use scissors to slightly angle the sides of the little rectangles before taping them to the tops of the bulbs at varying angles.
Border #3 - Boxed Gifts.  Punch squares from both sizes on the square maker from nordic papers.  Attach to a border strip. Use both the fine tip and the round tip of the black dual tip journaling pen to make bow and ribbon decorations on each gift box.
Border #4 - Hanging Ribbons.  Use the personal trimmer to cut 2" wide strips of nordic paper.  Attach the top of each strip to a border.  Starting with the longest piece, cut a bit off the bottom of each piece from left to right making each border shorter as you travel to the right.  I did my cutting without measuring and using a pair of scissor.  Punch a border using the border maker (any pattern will do).  Attach the border maker strip atop the lengths of ribbon.  Add a title sticker or other embellishment to finish it off.
Border #5 - Nordic Trees.  To make the trees, I cut varying widths of paper strips from nordic paper.  Then, I draw a dot at the top center of the rectangular strip.  I line up the dot with one of the lower corners of the rectangular strip on the personal trimmer and cut a slanted line.  Then I line up the dot with the other lower edge of the strip, cutting a second slanted line.  VOILA - a triangular tree.  Small random rectangles from the same design paper add trunks to all the trees.  Add trees to the border strip lining up the bottom of their trunks in an even row.  Punch a few hearts using a shape maker and add to a few trees for a final embellishment.

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