Thursday, December 13, 2012

OPEN HOUSE 2012 - Reindeer MakeNTake

At Open House 2012, I taught my customers how to make the CUTEST little reindeer - and now he is destined to become part of my holiday table decor.  Wanna see?

This design was super easy to make and requires only a few tools:

You will need:  Some scraps of green, brown, red and white cardstock (any shades will do).  A puzzle maker, personal trimmer, mini tape runner refill (or adhesive pen), fine tip pen, snowflake maker and starburst pocket punch.

STEP 1:  Cut a piece of green cardstock 3.5" by 4".

STEP 2:  Punch 4 brown puzzle pieces.

STEP 3:  Attach puzzle pieces to green cardstock.

STEP 4:  Punch one starburst from red cardstock and attach to puzzle pieces for a nose.

STEP 5:  Punch 2 snowflakes from white cardstock.  Attach to puzzle pieces for two eyes.

STEP 6:  Use the pen to create black centers for the eyes.

Optional:  Use the pen to add stitch details to the reindeer.

It doesn't matter how many colors and shades of cardstock you use - they all look cute! 

Here is the little table where my Open House attendees made their reindeer.

To make reindeer into a tent card that can be used as a greeting card or a placecard, attach the green cardstock to a piece of red cardstock.  The red cardstock measures 4.25" by 9" and can be folded in half or can be scored at 4.5" and then folded.

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