Thursday, May 9, 2013

Circle Fans: NSD 2013 Tutorial

Here we are at Simplify Circles Lesson #3.  Did you miss lesson #1 or lesson #2?  Click here to learn about Circle Stripes and here to learn about Reverse Circle Borders.

Circle Fans couldn't be easier!

First, know where the inspiration for this one came from?  Well, right out of the product catalog - it's full of good ideas.  Page 104 in our Spring/Summer 2013 full catalog.  AND if it's in the catalog, you can usually find instructions for making it on the Creative Memories Project Center.  Their version of circle fans can be found right here!  It's not cheating...copying is an excellent way of being productive.  I'm always honored when people copy what I do.

Let's get started with Circle Fans:

Here is a photo of a portion of my display board from NSD.  It shows the sample circle projects I've featured thus far on my blog.

Some variations on Circle Fans:

1.  Use a different sized circle.  The custom cutting system can cut a huge variety of circle sizes - try them all in a circle fan.

2.  Vary the paper to match your theme.  At my event, one attendee (Beth-woo hoo), made her circle fans from alternating black and red cardstock - then she put a Mickey Mouse head sticker right in the middle.  That worked great with her Disney page and earned her a ticket in the grand prize drawing at our event.

What else can you do with a circle fan?

Stay tuned for Circle Squares/Geometric Borders - the next circle lesson, coming soon!

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