Thursday, May 9, 2013

Circle Squares Geometric Borders: NSD 2013 Tutorial

One more thing to make with circles... of course there are many many many more things, but this is the last of the circle designs I taught at my NSD 2013 event.  Did you miss the other lessons?

Simplify Circle Lesson Links:

1. Circle Stripes
2. Reverse Circles
3. Circle Fans

Geometric Circle Squares were inspired by a design in the Creative Memories catalog.  Check out the page design on the bottom right corner of the Spring/Summer 2013 catalog on page 104.  The page was cool, but I wanted to make borders for my lesson - or traditional decorative elements.  So, I devised the geometric borders.  If you want to see directions for the page shown in the catalog, use this link to the cM Project Center.

Let's get started:

So now are you inspired to play around with your Seasons Paper Pack and some circles?  I hope so.  Feel free to use and share my lessons and ideas.  But always remember to credit those who inspire your ideas.  If you do use these lessons directly, please link back to this blog post.  THANKS!

Next up - you guessed it!!!  Simplify Squares.  Several photo tutorials for making cool things with a few simple squares.  Stay tuned.

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