Thursday, May 9, 2013

NSD 2013 Design Inspiration: Sporty!

Product Image

Changing it up a bit from all the lessons.  How's about a bit of design inspiration?

One of the new products that was just released in MAY is the Sporty Stack Pack and coordinating Sporty Stickers.  How awesome are these?

Product Image

First - it's a TON of product.  I will be sharing my designs below.  Take note that I didn't even use HALF of the paper in the stack pack.  Second, it's so NON-specific that it can be used for a bunch of page designs - not just sports.

However, if you are using it for sports, you can do so year after year and sport after sport.  The pack is not sport specific, so any sport you are debuting on your page is bound to match with the bold geometric patterns and the primary palette of colors.

Pick up a Sporty Stack Pack NOT just for sports but for a bit of everything.

Here are the boards at a glace and further down, I've taken photos of them in portions for closer viewing.

There are no specific instructions to create my designs because they are so easy to figure out - just cut and punch - everything in the sporty pack works together.  I did try to corral my colors together a bit - you'll see.  Enjoy and I hope you like the Sporty supplies as much as I did.

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