Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do You Pin? National Scrapbook Day 2013 DOES!


Are you a fan of PINTEREST?

Do you pin things about traditional or digital scrapbooking?  How about cool photo ideas or tips for photos?  Do you follow scrapbooking blogs?

Well, if so, you might want to follow a few of my pin boards.  In honor or National Scrapbook Day, I'll be posting all kinds of fun ideas, designs and lessons next week on my blog, my facebook page AND my pinterest boards.  Here are some of the items you don't want to miss:

  • Creative Memories NSD Products - exclusive designs
  • Creative Cards - every card is a formula for the next card
  • Graduation to Give:  The new graduation paper for card, money envelope and gift card giving
  • Let's Get Sporty:  Loads of ideas for the new Sporty Paper and Stickers
  • Back to Basics:  What can you do with the Shape Maker Circle
  • Back to Basics:  What can you do with the Shape Maker Square
  • Thinking Outside the Box with the Shape Maker Circle Tag Punch
  • Thinking Outside the Box with Bordermaker Notebook Cartridge

I will be posting lessons, tutorials and step by step instructions for all the items listed above.  PLUS.. free handouts by request for some of those things.

Stay tuned for all that's to come.  Here are some ways you can stay in touch and be first to see the new postings:

1.  My Fan Facebook Page (I always notify folks on my fb fan page when I'm adding a new post).  GO HERE to LIKE my FB fan page.

2.  Follow my Blog - either by e-mail (sign up on this blog's homepage); become a follower (also on the blog homepage); follow me on BlogLovin' or add me to your feeds.

3.  Follow these Pinterest Boards (click on any board below to follow it on Pinterest):
Follow Traditional Scrapbooking
Follow Digital Scrapbooking
Follow Photo Ideas
Follow SherYourScraps Blog Board

I have been making, making, making!  And starting Monday, I'll be POSTING POSTING POSTING!

Stay in touch! Sher

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