Saturday, May 11, 2013

Simplify Squares Photo Tutorial: Patchwork Triangle Squares NSD 2013

I love it when patchwork and stitching cross over into the paper world.  I teach a lot of lessons that remind me of what I like to do with a sewing machine and this lesson exemplifies that.

Triangle Squares are easy and I'm sure have more variations than I can name here so I'll show you ONE border sample and you can take the concept and run with it in your own direction.

Keep in mind, that whenever you have a square, you are just one or more diagonal cut away from triangles and that's why this tutorial is in the Simplify Squares lesson set.  Did you see the other Simplify Squares posts  here on the blog?  Well if not, click the links below to view the photo tutorials for those lessons.

1. Rectangle Ribbons
2. Card Trick
3. Double Card Trick

Patchwork Triangle Squares are easy.  Let's get started:

Fun, right?  So get started creating some paper quilt borders - Happy Scrapping!

Stay tuned for the next Simplify Squares tutorial called: Sloppy Squares.

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