Friday, May 10, 2013

Simplify Squares: Double Card Trick for NSD 2013

Did you like my tutorial about making CARD TRICK from four 2" squares?  If you didn't see it go here to get instructions.  Well, this tutorial is DOUBLE the fun.  I'm calling it double card trick.

I saw this design on the front of a set of seasonal cards posted by fellow cmc, Maureen Feist.  Though I don't personally know Maureen, I do know that she's full of great ideas and I was happy to be able to take inspiration from her generously shared designs.  Thanks Maureen!

Here is my version of Double Card Trick and a step-by-step photo tutorial for how to create one for a scrapbook page or the front of a card.  Let's get started.

The paper used in this design is from the NSD Seasons Paper Pack.

After the last NSD blog post I said the next lesson would be about Triangle Squares...well, Double Card Trick jumped to the front of the line and got posted first.  Stay tuned for Triangle Squares.

AND... if you are unsure how to follow a blog or stay connected so that you don't miss any lessons or posts, follow one of THESE POSTED INSTRUCTIONS on how to stay tuned in.

Happy Scrapping!

Additional Note:  I was contacted by cmc Maureen on whose card designs I saw the double card trick.  Maureen gave me two pieces of information about this design.  One, she got this design from cmc Pam Winn (I am a long time fan of Pam Winn's designs) so I want to make sure Pam gets credit for the inspiration.  

Also, to create the white background on the double card trick, Maureen used two squares, one backing the design in a square pattern and the other backing the design in a diamond pattern rather than mounting one white square and snipping around.  Thanks Maureen for letting me know!

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